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2017 Pie Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

2017 Pie Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

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Letterpress printed, illustrated 2017 Pie Calendar from Our Site and Wild Ink Press

Photography Credit:Elise Bauer

Looking for a truly special gift for a food lover, baker, or pie eater in your life? Take a peek at this limited edition, letterpress printed 2017 Pie Calendar! Every month is a different pie, with a recipe from Our Site, each illustrated by artist Rebekah Tennis, and letterpress printed at Rebekah’s Wild Ink Press studio in Chico, California.

When Rebekah first approached me a year ago about collaborating on a letterpress calendar of pies, I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. I love letterpress! It used to be the only way we printed things, a method dating back to 1500s. Now, it’s more the craft of artisans.

With letterpress, every page is stamped by the printer, leaving an impression on the paper. Like an engraving, you can feel the print itself as you run your fingers across the surface of the page.

For those of us who spend so much time in the digital world with our phones or computers, it’s wonderful to hold something so tangible and beautiful in our hands.

The calendar is available for sale online here at Wild Ink Press, for $34 plus shipping. Use the code SIMPLYPIE17 for a 10% discount!

The calendar includes 12 seasonal pie recipes (including a couple that aren’t yet published on Our Site), and a classic butter pie crust recipe.

Each month shows the illustrated ingredients above the calendar days. On the back side is the method for cooking the pie. When the month is over, you can cut off the dates and save the recipe as a 5×7-inch recipe card.

That way after the year is done, you have a collection of beautifully illustrated and printed recipes you will treasure forever.

I couldn’t be more proud of this calendar and am so thrilled with Rebekah’s artistry. I hope you like it too!

Rebekah showing Elise her original artwork for the calendar

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