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A Letter to Our Site Readers in Response to Covid-19

A Letter to Our Site Readers in Response to Covid-19

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Home cooking is more important than ever right now. Here's an update on what we're doing.

Hi, friends,

Home cooking is more important than ever right now. We feel incredibly lucky that as a recipe website, we are uniquely positioned to help you. We here at Our Site consider it a privilege to stand alongside you in the kitchen as you figure out how to make do with what’s available in your pantry and your freezer, and to help you stretch your grocery dollars.

Our Site Team is learning to adjust, just as you are, to the spread and impact of COVID-19. Like many of you, we are working with the whole family at home, stocking our own pantries, and worrying about loved ones who are far away. We’ve also been taking a hard look at our previously scheduled content for this spring, have postponed many recipes, and have been working overtime to figure out new ways to help support you (and ourselves!) through this time.

I wanted to take a breather here to bring you up to speed on what you can expect from us over the next few weeks and months:

  • Recipes, tools, and strategies for feeding you and your family right now. We’ve already posted about stocking your pantry, some of our favorite pantry meals, and a round-up of immune-boosting recipes recommend by our Nutrition Editor. Plenty more helpful content to come!
  • “Feel good” posts to make you smile and help keep your chin up. Because we’re going to need breaks from the news and stress.
  • Let’s cook together! As we’ve all started hunkering down at home, it’s clear that staying in touch with each other and our communities is really vital. Please come find us on Instagram and Facebook, and stay tuned as we experiment with fun new ways we can all be together.
  • More…scrappy. Things might look a little scrappy around here as we adjust and adapt. We normally work three months ahead, and now we’re working days (sometimes hours) ahead. Photos might feel a little less professional, writing might feel a little less polished, and we might make some mistakes here and there. Please forgive us!

Please keep in touch, let us know what’s happening with you, and what kinds of things would be most useful — leave a comment or send a note to [email protected].

Stay healthy! Talk soon!

Editor-in-Chief, Our Site

P.S. A few more links if you’re looking for some good reading material!

  • Love Letter from Seattle to the World from our CEOs Cliff and Lisa Sharples
  • Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide from Kenji Lopez over on our sister site Serious Eats

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