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A Handy Way to Freeze Leftover Chicken Broth

A Handy Way to Freeze Leftover Chicken Broth

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Have some leftover chicken broth? Freeze it in an ice cube tray for the easiest way to use it later!

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Yesterday we shared with you our favorite boxed chicken broth, because it’s always a good idea to keep a box or two of broth in your pantry! Many recipes only call for 1/2 to 1 cup, so what should you do with all that leftover broth? Freeze it!

You can freeze all of it in quart-size zip-top bag or you can freeze smaller amounts in an ice cube tray. Here’s why we think that’s a better idea:


There are a few reasons it’s handy to freeze leftover broth or stock in an ice cube tray, instead of in a big zip-top bag or other container:

  • It’s easier to thaw small amounts: As mentioned above, when recipes only call for 1/2 cup of broth, it’s a little annoying to have to thaw a quart-sized bag of broth, pour out 1/2 cup, and then refreeze the whole thing. Freezing in an ice cube tray fixes that problem. Each well is equivalent to about one ounce, so use four frozen cubes, and you have the called-for 1/2 cup of broth! Easy-peasy.
  • It’s great for de-glazing: Want to use some of that leftover broth to deglaze a pan? No problem! One cube will do the trick.
  • Cubes defrost faster: If you want to use all the remaining broth for soup, that pile of frozen cubes will defrost much faster than a large hunk of frozen broth.

How To Freeze Leftover Broth in an Ice Cube Tray

Convinced? Great! Here’s how to freeze leftover broth in an ice cube tray: Pour the stock into the ice cube tray and freeze. Once the broth has frozen solid, pop all the broth cubes out and store in a freezer-safe bag or other container. Take out one or more as needed!

It’s just one more way an ice cube tray is a surprisingly helpful kitchen tool!

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