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  • How to Cook with Canned Clams

    Fresh clams are a thing of beauty, but canned clams should have a place in your pantry. They are healthy, affordable and can take that plain pasta from drab to fab. Here’s everything you wanted to know about canned clams.

  • Katie Morford

    How to Buy, Store, and Cook Clams

    Wondering about the difference between littleneck clams and steamer clams? How to clean clams before you cook them? Are clams good for you? Well, look no further! Just follow this clam guide and you’ll find everything you need to know about your favorite bivalve!

  • Summer Miller

    Ingredient Spotlight: Fish Sauce

    Making incredible Vietnamese food at home requires an umami kick from fish sauce. Not sure which one to buy? Read on for tips on picking out the most flavorful fish sauce for your next Vietnamese home cooked meal.

  • Sheela Prakash

    A Guide to White Wine

    Learn about the different types of white wine! From general flavor profiles to what food to pair with each variety, this is a crash course in the seven most popular kinds of white wine.

  • Sara Bir

    What Oil Should I Use for Cooking?

    What’s the best oil for sautéing, searing, roasting, or frying? Is high heat bad for oils? What about olive oil and coconut oil? Here's what you should know about smoke points and what oil to use, when!

  • Sara Bir

    Our Site Guide to Coconut Oil

    Curious about coconut oil? We've got the scoop! From the different types of coconut oil available to how to swap coconut oil for butter in baking (great for vegan desserts!), consider this your guide to using coconut oil in your cooking.

  • Sara Bir

    Our Site Guide to Fancy Salts

    What's the deal with fancy salt? What is it used for? What's the difference between sea salt and other kinds of artisan finishing salts? Get the answers to all these questions in this handy guide!

  • Sara Bir

    Our Site Guide to Pepper

    What does pepper contribute to our food, as well as our daily rituals? Get to know your old friend pepper in a whole new way and your cooking experience will be the richer for it.

  • Sara Bir

    Why Use Freshly Ground Pepper?

    The ritual of cranking a pepper mill punctuates your food. Grinding peppercorns exposes volatile oils to the air, triggering a rapid release—and then loss—of an enticing spectrum of flavors.

  • Watch the video: Gluten-Free Basics u0026 Beyond. GF Tips, Ingredient Swaps, Guides, Recipes from Americas Test Kitchen (July 2022).


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