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10 Best Burger Sauces and Spreads

10 Best Burger Sauces and Spreads

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A slice of cheese, a slice of tomato, some ketchup, and a little mustard — that’s about all you need for a good burger. But what about for a great burger? One for the ages? One to make your family swoon and beg for more?

For that kind of burger, you’re going to want to sauce it up, my friend. And lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of sauces and spreads for you to choose from.

Any one of these would elevate your burger from ordinary to extraordinary. Take your pick!

What’s your favorite sauce or spread for burgers?

For that classic drive-through burger flavor, you can't beat a healthy spread of Thousand Island Dressing. Don't forget the relish!

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This sauce is for blue cheese lovers only! It's a tangy smack in the face that pairs well with the richness of an all-beef burger.

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Bacon jam on a burger is just gilding the lily, but...why not?! This bacon jam is sweet, savory, and utterly magical.

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A mix of fresh herbs and garlic, I especially love the bright and tangy flavor of chimichurri on turkey burgers!

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Instead of a simple slice of tomato, how about a thick spread of this rich and slightly sweet tomato jam?

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Can't have a round-up like this without some kind of BBQ sauce in the mix! This one is smoky, spicy, rich... plus bourbon, of course. All the things you want for an over-the-top burger.

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For a burger that celebrates the best of summer, go for a healthy dollop or three of fresh basil pesto. It's fresh and herby, but also rich enough to stand up to a hearty burger.

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Here's something a little different! Romesco is a blend of roasted red peppers, almonds, garlic, and tomatoes, and it's a great topping for beef and turkey burgers alike.

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I love how this sauce adds a cool contrast to the richness of a burger. It works well with lamb or beef burgers, but I think it really shines with turkey burgers.

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If you've got some guac left in the bowl by the time you get to dinner, pile it on your burger! It adds a creamy richness to every bite.

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