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10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes to Make in Your Instant Pot

10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes to Make in Your Instant Pot

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So many of us have fallen in love with our Instant Pots recently and our appetite for pressure cooker recipes isn’t going to let up any time soon! Are you ready for a few more?

Pressure cooking makes such short work out of recipes that would often take longer or require more hands-on attention. This means dinner can happen more quickly, and we have time for other things besides standing at the stove. (Bonus!)

Here are ten easy Instant Pot recipes to add to your weeknight repertoire:

Destined to become a go-to, this simple recipe with chicken, rice, mushrooms and sour cream takes the concept of a casserole and puts it in the pressure cooker.

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Sear the pork ahead of time, after you’ve encrusted it with standard pantry herbs and spices, and you’ll have the filling for tacos, burritos, and more.

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A dish that normally takes much more time to prepare and cook—paella—comes together in under an hour, start to finish.

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There are no quills here—just grains of rice that get mixed with ground beef and stick up in the meatball once it’s cooked.

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Sweet and spicy, this pulled pork works well for sandwiches and tacos, or in traditional Chinese steamed buns.

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Throw an entire chicken, or a mix of chicken parts, into your pressure cooker along with some basic veggies. In about an hour, you’ve got chicken soup.

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The Moroccan spice blend ras el hanout brings deep flavors to this dish with chicken thighs, olives, onions, lemon, garlic and raisins.

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Inspired by an Indian take out favorite—sag paneer—this vegan version omits the cheese. Instead, spinach and tofu cook in the amount of time it would take you to go fetch dinner or have it delivered.

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Whip up the special chipotle sauce in the blender, and then the chicken and rice cook together using the pot-in-pot method.

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Yes! You read that correctly. Making velvety cheesecake in the pressure cooker is indeed a thing. And no need to worry about cracks in your cheesecake—the gentle steam takes care of that potential cheesecake snafu.

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