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12 Fresh & Easy Weeknight Pasta Recipes for Summer

12 Fresh & Easy Weeknight Pasta Recipes for Summer

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Pasta has so much going for it: it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to cook, and it’s a blank canvas for the continuous parade of fresh veggies that appear from May through September.

I’m pretty certain I make pasta more in the summer than in the winter — and if that’s not the case, I’m definitely more creative and less inclined toward red sauces in the summertime!

I don’t think you can get much faster than angel hair, which cooks in a flash. These cherry tomatoes blister and a pop in a sauté pan, making a speedy sauce.

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This pasta dish is loaded with green things: mint, peas, spinach and pesto. Oh, and you get an extra dose of creaminess with some avocado!

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It’s no accident that feta cheese tastes crisp and refreshing on summer dishes—you'll often find it in traditional dishes from places where the weather is warm. Use fresh eggplant and mint and this summer dinner is served.

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Ok, so primavera means spring, but it's easy to swap out the veggies for whatever is in season with this recipe.

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Give pasta carbonara a summery spin and use up some garden zucchini while you're at it! You could also throw in some corn, fresh chopped tomatoes, or any other veggies you have on hand.

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A bag of frozen shrimp thaws fast, angel hair cooks even faster, and fresh tomatoes create the flavorful sauce for this rapid fire dinner.

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Ricotta cheese lends so much to a quick pasta sauce, which is balanced by the bitterness of the greens.

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This recipe sounds virtuous, what with the pesto made of kale and cashews (no pine nuts here). It also happens to be a quick and easy way to use up a bunch of kale, which seems to hang out on the farmers’ market tables and in gardens all summer.

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Goat cheese, nutmeg, and lemon make up the flavor profile of this easy weeknight dish. If you’ve got some leftover chicken in the fridge, it’ll come together even faster.

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If you have a box of pasta and a can of tuna, you’re partway to having this dinner on the table. Baby spinach would substitute well if you don’t have arugula, but it just won’t have the same zip.

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It’s breakfast, but it’s dinner. Maybe it’s both. A poached egg often makes everything better, and that’s true with this dish.

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Browned butter makes everything taste nutty—and works well with mushrooms and spinach.

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