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3 Ways to Make Avocado Toast with California Ripe Olives

3 Ways to Make Avocado Toast with California Ripe Olives

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This recipe is brought to you in partnership with The California Olive Committee.

Slices of creamy, ripe avocado atop hearty, toasted bread is a beautiful thing. But why stop there?

The three versions we’re sharing here make a meal out of toast – one recipe with a fried egg and green olives, another with tomatoes and an olive relish, and a third with pan-seared corn, olives, and queso fresco.

Mild but tangy California Ripe Olives are, of course, the common denominator. Both black ripe olives and green ripe olives are a natural pairing with avocados — after all, they’re neighbors! Both love the warm California sun and grow beautifully in the rich California soil.

These amped up toasts might not seem like a morning quick fix, since most of the components can be made ahead, it’s easy enough to roll out of bed and treat yourself to a hearty breakfast. They’re also more than substantial enough for lunch or brunch.

Or here’s an idea: Host an avocado toast brunch and make all three toppings!

Set out piles of toasts, dishes with all the prepared toppings, and recipe cards telling them what to do. Let guests mix and match. All you’ll need to do is fry up some eggs and top each plate as it comes by. No one will go home hungry, that’s for sure!

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