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8 Ways to Show Your Love for Avocados this Cinco de Mayo

8 Ways to Show Your Love for Avocados this Cinco de Mayo

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Guacamole tends to gets all the love when it comes to avocados—and don’t worry, we’ve got two guac recipes here for you—but there’s so much more you can do with this fruit. (Yes, it is actually a fruit!)

From shrimp tacos to ceviche and lettuce wraps, avocados are more versatile than you might imagine. Plus, they’re loaded with good-for-you fats and nutrients so recipes with avocado always make a good choice for putting on the table.

So show your love for avocados this Cinco de Mayo and make one of these great recipes!

The most obvious – and probably most crowd-pleasing -- ways to show your avocado love is, of course, with a killer guacamole. This one involves serrano chile, cilantro, lime and salt.

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Although we think of ceviche as a Peruvian dish, it is also served in some parts of Mexico. Lime juice “cooks” the fish—and avocado chunks and grilled corn add flavor.

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Take advantage of the grill for the shrimp, and then add a fresh salsa of mango and avocado -- two foods that seem to be made for each other.

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Shrimp, avocado, hot sauce—sort of like a Mexican bloody Mary, minus the alcohol.

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The ultimate dip—refried beans, cheese, and then keep on with olives, peppers, and of course, avocado. This counts as dinner, right?

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When it’s warm, you want something cooling, with very little prep time on your part. Poached salmon pairs with generously sized and sweet butter lettuce.

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A variation on a theme—don’t knock it until you try it. Early summer strawberries are especially sweet.

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The flavors of a posole soup, transferred to salad form—chicken, seasoned chicken, hominy, radishes and cojita cheese.

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