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5 Recipes to Break the Dinner Rut

5 Recipes to Break the Dinner Rut

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This week, we welcome back Marta Rivera for more of her meal plans. Marta is a trained chef, mom of twins, Army wife, and a Our Site recipe tester and developer!

The dog days of summer are in full effect. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, this time of the year finds me in a very rote period of cooking. The same meals are made and served over and over again: It’s like Groundhog Day.

When it comes to keeping repetitive meals to a minimum, meal plans will always be your BFF. They open your eyes to recipes you may never have thought of before. For this week’s plan, the grill is going to earn its keep as most of our meals will be taken outside.

When it comes to planning for meals that break your normal dinner routine, it’s all about picking up that ingredient you’ve always wanted to try. Step outside of your comfort zone by introducing a new vegetable, fruit, or grain to your family this week. Even preparations can liven things up—for example, our gazpacho later on in the week.

One last thing: Looking for dinner ideas? You’re in the right spot! We have delicious meal plans to suit every taste and lifestyle—Healthy Eating, Family Favorites, and Vegetarian just to name a few. These one-month plans are $6.95 and, with them, you get a dessert and weekend prep recipe and a shopping list. They’re beautifully designed and perfect to print and save or simply load and cook right from your computer!

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