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Our 12 Favorite Cookie Recipes to Make in the Fall

Our 12 Favorite Cookie Recipes to Make in the Fall

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You know it’s fall when suddenly the baking aisle in the grocery store becomes a lot more crowded. Ingredients such as fancy chocolate chips (the Guittard ones, oh my goodness) and pumpkin spice everything (that’s another story!) start making an appearance. When it’s quiet for a moment, you can almost hear the whir of the stand mixer calling to you. (Ok, maybe that’s just me.)

The need for cookie recipes, in my book, never ever wanes. We’ve gathered up some of our favorites for you to try this fall.

We’ve got a few chocolate chip cookie recipes—if you make them frequently and you’re anything like me, it means that you are always looking to improve and tweak them slightly. It’s fun to play around with creaming butter versus melting, or adding a new mystery ingredient, such as ground flaxseed, to see what happens to the flavor or texture.

Never fear, though. If chocolate chips are not your cookie kryptonite (I’ve met such people, they exist), there’s a plethora of spice-happy cookies such as Snickerdoodles and Cinnamon Snaps, or classics with peanut butter and/or chocolate in them.

Time to soften the butter and bring those eggs to room temperature!


  • Warming eggs: If your recipe calls for warmed eggs, you can quickly warm them by placing them in a bowl of warm water on the countertop
  • Cookies for later: If you don’t have time to make all your cookies at once, cover the bowl and stick in the fridge, and bake off the rest of the batch whenever you like. This way you have fresh cookies every day! (How dreamy.)
  • Freeze unbaked dough: You can also portion out any unbaked dough and freeze them on a sheet lined with wax paper. Then, transfer them to a zip-top bag and freeze until needed!

Baking, for many of us, starts and ends with chocolate chip cookies. These have a delightfully chewy texture thanks to a secret ingredient: milk powder.

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These cinnamon-dusted cookies are a great balance of soft and crispy, and they come together quickly.

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There is something so satisfying about making peanut butter cookies. Maybe it’s those little cross-hatch marks you make with a fork. Maybe it’s the intense peanut flavor. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. This hits the mark.

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I like cookies you can dunk in coffee. Or tea. These are those cookies. They’re snappy, spicy, and sweetened with honey.

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Rather than semi-sweet chips, this recipe uses milk chocolate. Rather than softened butter, this recipe uses browned butter. The adaptations make for a decadent, sophisticated cookie experience.

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These soft and moist cookies manage to put almost everything delicious about fall right into one cookie: cinnamon, cardamom, pumpkin, rolled oats, and pumpkin puree.

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Bet you didn’t know you could bake cookies with marshmallows in them! Summer may be a memory, but you can conjure up a campfire treat with these s’mores cookies.

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Along with the edict that there’s no such thing as too many chocolate chip cookies, I also firmly believe there’s no such thing as too many ginger-spicy cookies. These giant 4-inch cookies are deliciously gingery.

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Oh, this could be so dangerous! A cookie you can throw together and just refrigerate. No baking needed. Which means you can have these at your fingertips lickety-split. It’s the little things, right?

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Here comes that browned butter again—along with pecan, oats, and shredded coconut for additional texture and flavor.

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Ok, we are guilty of a recurring theme here—browned butter. It really makes a big difference in these butterscotch cookies. They only look like they have molasses in them—but don’t!

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Chocolate is such a great backdrop for the spices and molasses of gingerbread, as it rounds out the flavor and adds a depth and you didn’t know gingerbread needed, or could take.

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It’s all about the maple syrup—grade B, specifically, which is richer in taste—in these soft and chewy cookies.

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