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Meal Plan for May Week 3

Meal Plan for May Week 3

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This week is all about simplicity!

I’ll be out of the house for a handful of evenings this week teaching cooking classes, so I want to plan to have a few meals all set and ready for my husband to assemble while I’m gone. (He cooks too, for the record, but is much more of an impromptu ‘what’s in the cupboard’ kind of cook!)

Even though I’m craving “simple” for this week, I also want my meals to be satisfying and filling. A sheet pan chicken supper, a hearty dinner-worthy salad, hearty rice bowls, and a dressed-up ramen all made the roster.

If you’ve got great spring veggies in the crisper you’re excited to use, feel free to incorporate them into the black bean bowls or ramen – both are incredibly forgiving and adaptable.

Ok, without further delay, here’s the plan for this week:

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