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Greek rabbit hat

Greek rabbit hat

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Portion the meat, wash, add salt and paprika, then simmer in oil with a little soup.

Peel an onion and garlic, wash it, cut it into sticks, then add it to the meat bowl, along with the peeled and sliced ​​tomatoes and the remaining vegetable soup. Cover the bowl with a lid and let the ingredients continue to simmer over medium heat for about 30 minutes or until the meat is penetrated, adding water if the sauce drops.

At the end, add the wine and finely chopped greens and let it simmer for a few more minutes.

Greek soup

Greek style chicken soup it is one of the soups loved since childhood. My mother's favorite specialty, Greek soup it was often served to us for lunch or dinner.

Even if along the way I lost some contact with soups and broths, when I was little I would go after this. soup with lemon, rice and chicken. Mommy always made us chicken soup, but I preferred it a little enriched and I always picked the chicken pieces from the soup, then the rice and finally, it was the turn of the juice.

I also recommend, also from the category of my favorite soups and meatball soup, it is worth making.

I never made the recipe for Greek soup for several years, yesterday I had everything I needed in the fridge, so in the last two days I ate this delicious Chicken soup in Greek.

Greek soup, a recipe with a childhood taste

I remember that as a child my parents were very good friends with a Greek family. Twice I went on summer vacation with them, they were a very nice and cheerful couple. They made a soup that looked a lot like our Greek soup, but they didn't add sour cream. I think that's when I first heard of Avgolemono, delicious Greek soup, sour, thickened with a mixture of egg yolks and lemon.

If you want to make the avgolemono recipe, for the final mixture that is added to the soup, mix the egg yolks and lemon juice in a bowl, then add 1-2 tablespoons of hot soup and mix. Pour the mixture into the hot Greek soup (be careful not to add the mixture to the boiling soup, but after I turned off the heat and the soup rested for about 5 minutes) and mix.

GREEK PITA I Recipe + Video

Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared GREEK PITA. I really enjoy exploring international cuisines and at the moment I am researching more about Greek cuisine. I recently went with my family to a Greek style restaurant and I really liked pita with tzatziki sauce (which is a traditional sauce). Then I said that I would prepare it at home, it was not difficult at all and I was amazed by the simplicity of the recipe. I hope you like my recipe today and enjoy it with pleasure. I wish you to continue to have a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 320 gr. - White flour
  • 160 ml. - cow's milk (lukewarm)
  • 80 ml. - warm water)
  • 2 teaspoons - dry yeast (about 4 gr.)
  • 1 teaspoon & # 8211 sugar
  • 1 teaspoon & # 8211 salt
  • 1 teaspoon - dried or fresh oregano (or thyme)
  • 1 tablespoon - olive oil + for greasing and frying (or sunflower)

Difficulty: small

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Waiting time: 40 minutes

Total time: 60 minutes

The amount: 6 pite

Method of preparation:

  1. In a jar or in a cup of lukewarm water pour the lukewarm milk, then put the sugar, yeast and mix everything with a teaspoon. Leave the jar aside for a few minutes or until the yeast is activated.
  2. In a large bowl pour the flour, add salt and dried oregano. Then make a hole inside the solid ingredients and pour the liquid on top, then add the olive oil.
  3. First mix with a teaspoon or fork until the dough starts to stick. Then knead with your hands for about a minute. Powder the work table with flour and pour the dough over it, then knead it for another 5 minutes. If the dough sticks to your hands, then powder them with a little flour and continue to knead.
  4. Grease a clean bowl with oil and put the dough in it. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and let the dough rise for about 40 minutes.
  5. Heat a skillet over low to medium heat.
  6. When the dough has doubled in volume, grease the work table with oil and turn the dough over. You have to cut 6 equal pieces out of it, then form a ball from each one.
  7. Take a ball and spread it in a circle of about 20 cm.
  8. Pour a tablespoon of oil into the pan and put the circle of dough in it.
  9. Fry the pita for about 2-3 minutes on each side, or until nicely browned.
  10. Do the same with the remaining dough balls.
  11. Cut the pitita into small triangles and serve with tzatziki sauce or hummus. You can also leave them whole and prepare kebabs from them or you can eat them instead of bread. Good appetite!

If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

Ingredients Eggplant stuffed fasting in the oven, Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı"

  • 2 medium-sized eggplants, rather long, 270-300 grams / piece each
  • 2 medium-sized onions & # 8211 about 100 grams / piece & # 8211 minced julienne (fish)
  • 1 diced bell pepper
  • 1-2 green hot peppers (optional)
  • 2 large tomatoes (or 200 grams of canned tomatoes)
  • 100 ml. tomato paste
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 80 ml. extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of za & # 8217atar, which can be replaced with a little dried thyme
  • 1 bunch of chopped green parsley
  • optional, 1 small tomato for decoration

Preparation of eggplant stuffed fasting in the oven, Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı" & # 8211 eggplant preparation

1. Prepare a large bowl in which you put 2 liters of cold water, 1 tablespoon of salt and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Stir until the salt dissolves.

2. Wash the whole eggplant well and toss with a kitchen towel. Shorten the tail of each eggplant, cutting off the entire surface layer of the tail and keeping only as much as necessary to hold the eggplant together. The peel is cleaned at length, with a knife or a peeler, in strips about 2-3 cm wide, alternating with portions on which the peel is kept, obtaining a striped appearance. Put the cleaned eggplant in a bowl of salted water and lemon.

3. Place a plate or other weight on top of the eggplants to keep them immersed. Keep the eggplant in salted water and lemon for 45 minutes.

4. After 45 minutes, remove the eggplant from the water and press lightly on them, then whisk well with kitchen towels.

Baked eggplant stuffed eggplant, Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı", vegetable preparation

5. While the eggplants are in the water bath with salt and lemon juice, we take care of the vegetables. We will clean and chop the julienne (fish) onions, we will crush the garlic and we will chop the diced bell pepper and seeds into cubes. The peppers used can be green, yellow, white garden peppers or red, as I happened to have.

6. The tomatoes are scalded as shown at recipe for tomato sauce in a jar (video), after they have been slightly notched beforehand. After scalding, put the tomatoes in a bowl of ice water then clean the skin and cut into cubes, keeping them aside until we need them. Alternatively, we can use canned tomatoes.

Baked stuffed eggplant, Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı", toasted eggplant and preparation for stuffing

7. Once the 45 minutes required for the eggplants to soak in the brine salt have passed and they have been well whipped, turn on the oven and set it at 180 ° C.

8. We choose a pan of the right size, so that both eggplants fit in it. Heat the pan over medium heat and pour in 1/3 of the olive oil. After the oil is suitable for heating, put the eggplants in the pan and brown them, turning them on all sides. This eggplant browning takes about 8 minutes. Because eggplant absorbs a lot of oil, you may need to add 1 tablespoon during the operation.

9. After they are browned all around, the eggplants are taken directly into the tray where they will be baked. With a spoon, split lengthwise both eggplants, which were soaked during frying, making room in them as in boats, ready to receive the filling.

Eggplants stuffed with baked vegetables, Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı", preparation of vegetable filling

10. Add the rest of the oil to the pan and immediately all the chopped onion and crushed garlic. Sprinkle with a little salt from the beginning, so that the onion removes the liquid contained and softens. Saute onions over low heat, soften without browning at all, about 8-10 minutes. We do not lose sight of it during this time, so that it does not burn.

11. After the onion has softened, add the bell pepper to the pan and, if using, the diced hot pepper. Stir frequently and cook together for another 3-4 minutes.

12. Add the diced tomatoes and, only if necessary and the sauce looks too dry, a few tablespoons of water. Boil everything for 10-15 minutes, until the liquid drops and the oil rises to the surface.
Turn off the heat and season the sauce with salt and pepper to taste. Add chopped green parsley, keeping a little for the preparation at the end and I added za & # 8217atar, which is a mixture of spices specific to the Middle East, The main ingredient of this spice is wild thyme. So if you don't have this spice, you can add thyme (if you want).

Filling eggplants and baking

13. The filling is divided between the two eggplants, making room with a spoon. Although it will look like too much stuffing for the two eggplants, we'll load them until it's all in, it'll drop in the oven anyway.

14. Stir tomato broth (the 100 ml. recorded on the list of ingredients above) with as much water and pour into the pan, in addition to the stuffed eggplant. Optionally, place 2 quarters of tomatoes (from a small tomato) on top of the eggplants and place them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, at an average height, for 45 minutes & # 8211 1 hour.

Turkish recipe "İmam bayıldı", serving

At the end of cooking in the oven, these stuffed eggplants in the oven, which made the imam faint, must be reddish and incredibly fragrant. Remove from the oven, leave to cool a bit, sprinkle with green parsley and serve hot, along with a fresh stick or any good bread, with which to absorb the last drop of incredibly tasty sauce next to them.

For a refreshing note, Turks usually offer next to these delicious stuffed eggplants İmam bayıldı and a simple yogurt sauce with lemon juice and mint. I also made this sauce, which gave authenticity and an even better taste to this dish, which is incredibly tasty anyway. If you want a 100% vegan dish, of course, it's enough to enjoy eggplant without any kind of yogurt sauce, they are a celebration in themselves. Let the recipe be useful and don't forget the promised story, you will find it here.

Rabbit rabbits

Rabbit. Related posts. January 14, 2015. Cow. Read more. January 14, 2015. Pig. Read more. January 14, 2015. Cat. Read more. January 14, 2015. Sheep. Read more We sometimes place small data files on your computer, known as cookies. Most large sites do this. Accept. Change. cages of rabbits built in the household are a solution for breeders who want to significantly reduce their expenses, but also to keep the animals in a space that they have thought and created according to the desired dimensions and materials. of gold for building a cage for rabbits who will be outdoors is for her to have [ I am selling naturally raised rabbit meat with alfalfa and cereals, the case weighs around 3 kg and costs 35 ron Kg. Report. 30+ days ago. Rabbit. Huşi, Vaslui County. 12 Lei. I am selling a rabbit, meat breed around 120 kg, price 12 lei kg live, more details on 761 - show phone - or on the spot! 4 Rabbit cage outdoor double pet cage This quality 2-level cage offers a large and welcoming space for keeping animals 1,893, 84 Lei 1,402, 80 Le 19-06-2019 Rabbits. In 24 hours, an adult rabbit with free access to feed eats about 90 times, consuming 4-5 g each time it is fed with compound feed and up to 80 times when it is traditionally fed. The total time consumed is 1h 30´ up to a maximum of two hours. Consumption is more common at night than during the day

In addition to meat, rabbits also obtain excellent furs. From down rabbits, a thin and soft down is obtained, which, in terms of quality, is like that of Merino sheep. From two mature rabbits, in one year more than 1 kilogram of down is obtained Price100 LEI Huge Rabbits, German Aries, Butterfly, Transylvanian Giants Branesti Rabbits, Bucharest-Ilfov 3 days ago Share the ad Save the ad Price 35 LEI Rabbits from California-Californian race! 2 offers Rabbits. On you buy online Rabbits with discount and free delivery from stock. Buy now, 100% secure with the Delivery Guarantee

Rabbits - Publi24.r

  • Feed consumption in rabbits. 19-06-2019 Rabbits. In 24 hours, an adult rabbit with free access to feed eats about 90 times, consuming 4-5 g each time it is fed with compound feed and up to 80 times when it is traditionally fed. The total time consumed is 1h 30´ up to a maximum of two hours
  • Kouneli psito- Greek rabbit steak. 21 45 2. elucubratiiculinare 6. Rabbit stew with mushrooms. 14 13 0. by Bya Ralu 9. Rabbit liver with vegetables. 19 15 2. by simona72 8. Rabbit stew. 25 28 0. by Panacris 9. Rabbit with vegetables and sour cream. 13 13 1. de cristeena20 6. Rabbit with red wine and rosemary. 22 19 0
  • Homemade rabbit meat has the least fat. In the first place is again classified rabbit meat with 10.2% fat per 450g of meat. Followed by chicken with 11%, 14% for veal, turkey with 20.2%. The lamb with 27.7% and the high quality beef with 28% are ranked on the penultimate places
  • A kilogram of rabbit meat has only 1,600 calories, unlike chicken - 1,800 calories, turkey - 2,500 calories, pork - 4,400 calories. The furs cannot be traded The vice-president of the Association of breeders of rabbits and fur animals from Timiş, Ştefan Bogyis, says in his turn that he hardly understands the restraint.
  • Cages for domestic rabbits The best quality cages for rabbits at zooplus Here you will find many types of cages for apartment rabbits. Both the rabbit cage and its accessories must be adapted to the special needs of the rabbits. First of all, the rabbit cage should be spacious
  • To see fried rabbit meat in a dream means that you will receive some money, you will make a profit. What does it mean when you dream of white rabbits: they are a sign of luck, you will do well in the next period. When you dream of a gentle, domesticated rabbit, this dream represents the appearance of a child in your life, there are great chances to increase your fertility level
  • you, which you can buy in the store. They must be high in fiber and low in protein. Unfortunately, most of the packaged rabbit foods are similar to fast food.

The recipe has been made in my family for a long time, but I like to ask my uncle Ovidiu Podaru, who is very good at cooking, every time the details of finesse. In the images I attached are prepared two rabbits (one from Craiova and one from Vilcea) Good appetite! and happy birthday! Catherine Buto. It is a relatively new breed of rabbit, which has a life expectancy of 5-9 years. They are docile, affectionate rabbits and they want a lot of attention. Rodent eared lizards are among the most beautiful breeds of rabbits in the world. Angora piti Baked rabbit steak with wine. Rabbit meat is said to be one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest. It is a lean meat, rich in B vitamins, has no cholesterol and is low in sodium. Coloring pages with Bunnies Animals Are you looking for a coloring page or a coloring page with Bunnies? We offer you the most interesting coloring pages and coloring pages with Bunnies. There are a total of 67 coloring pages with Animals Rabbits Who runs after two rabbits does not catch any. Rabbit lip v. Lip. Rabbit cheese v. Cheese. Rabbit = rabbit of different breeds and varieties, bred by humans for meat, fur or long, soft hair that can be spun. Expr. How many rabbits at church = no one, none

.600 calories (unlike chicken - 1,800 cal / kg, veal - 1,820, turkey - 2,500, lamb - 3,100, beef - 3,200, pork - 4,400 That's why today I wrote about 11 curiosities you did not know 1. The teeth of the rabbit, like those of the hamster, are constantly growing throughout life It has a yard full of rabbits 135 specimens of 6 breeds, all one and one The most precious: the giant of Transylvania, a star rabbit in Romania, which sometimes reaches the weight of a 2-year-old child For Marian Şiu from Bucharest, the organic rabbit farm from Axintes, in Bărăgan, is the dearest thing to his soul

grams of rabbit muscle, or 3-4 hind legs (find meat and put everything in the oven for an hour. Wash the rabbit meat and cut thyme. Add a little water. Leave the rabbit on the fire until the meat penetrates. Prepare another tray for the oven. Cut the pork neck into. Boil the rabbit meat, then wash until the water is clear. Boil over medium heat for 1.5 hours, taking care to take the foam. During this time we clean the vegetables and cut small onions and peppers into cubes, and we grate the carrot on the small grater. We put the tomatoes in a pot boiled with 200 ml of water. Here is an example of a diet suitable for rabbits: - grass of your choice (barley or timothy excluding alfalfa) - a cup of dark green legumes for 2.5 kg rabbit per day (dandelion leaves, turnip or fodder cabbage, mustard leaves, endives, lettuce or lettuce, carrots, parsnips, etc.) The lifespan of rabbits is about 10 years. Where do I come from? Rabbits are native to southwestern Europe (the Iberian Peninsula) and northwestern Africa. The Romans were the first to domesticate them. There are several breeds of rabbits, but the most popular are the dwarf breeds (ram rabbit, ermine, Rex, Angora)

However, it has been found that, in general, life expectancy is lower for larger rabbit breeds than for smaller rabbit breeds. How can you prolong the life of your rabbit - Rabbits are not so hard to take care of, which is why their life can be extended, if we pay more attention I am selling BIO rabbit carcass made naturally grown with cereals, the Bride's Mound is not forced Braila Phone validated. today 17:26. 5 2. I am selling huge German mixed rabbits I am selling rabbits of different colors at the price of 20 lei piece Buftea Ilfo Lion Head Rabbit. 94 136 8. Rabbit Rabbit Animal. 37 76 6. Cartoon Rabbits. 57 62 13. Graph Iepuras Alb. 75 61 14. Baby Iepuras Copil. 85 104 10. Dear Pet Rabbit.

Rabbit food recipes - 25 recipes - Petitche

One of the most popular breeds of domestic rabbits is the lion's head, which is distinguished by the thick fur collar that gave it its name. It is an intelligent and loving rabbit, but if you are thinking of enlarging your family with such a pet, you need to know some essential things about the care of the New Zealand white rabbits for sale: - 2 females 3.5 months -50 lei each`-SOLD - 1 male for 7 months -100lei-SOLD - 1. 15 RON Small rabbits are pu I will continue the series of home-cooked food recipes, the following is this rabbit stew cooked in a cauldron, with wine, vegetables and spices. It is the main method of cooking the rabbit (you can also put it) of my godmother, it is very simple but small details matter and be patient with all the stages of preparation. The result is far, far beyond expectations, such a fragile, fragrant rabbit. Rabbit meat is often recommended, both for its good taste and for its many benefits (low white meat, low in cholesterol, easily digestible). We really like rabbit steak with wine in the oven and we are very lucky that my in-laws raise rabbits and make sure that a few giant white rabbits reach us. As the name suggests, it is a large breed of domestic rabbit. Bred breed these rabbits wonderfully bred in Belgium and Germany in the 19th century by collaborating with Flanders rabbits. During the breeding season, in our country the breed of giant white rabbits has changed: increased female fertility and vitality of young, some indicators have changed externally.

The Californian rabbit breed was created for meat consumption. It is a rabbit with a large volume of meat, which is why it is very appreciated from a commercial point of view. He is very muscular, with broad shoulders and at the same level as his hind legs. White fur is also appreciated, which increases its commercial value Subsequently, by crossing with other breeds of rabbits, new color variants of the giant Belgian breed were obtained.. Physical description of the Belgian giant The Belgian giant rabbit is one of the largest breeds of rabbits in the world, reaching a weight of 7-8 kilograms and measuring almost 80 centimeters in length.

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  • Generations of selective crossbreeding have made it possible to obtain a gentle, affectionate rabbit, an excellent pet, which has a much higher energy level than its relatives. Physical description: The Dutch dwarf rabbit breed is a small breed with rabbits weighing between 0.5 and 1.6 kg.
  • Breed rabbits from producers, direct service providers present on Discover purebred rabbits at reduced prices (22 products
  • Signs of rabbit disease. rabbit Rabbits are generally sensitive animals, susceptible to many diseases. For this reason you must pay special attention to your health and act as soon as you notice that something is wrong. But to know for sure when the animal shows signs of disease [..
  • mihai, you can buy some small domestic rabbits, they are very resistant to diseases and they are not pretentious in any way. I have rabbits for 4 years and none of them died, I have 34 rabbits of this breed and I am proud of them. They reach a weight of 3.5.4 kg. But you have to take care of them, not to make sores in your ears and give them water every day.
  • The best rabbit cage - Our 2020 recommendations. To raise any type of animal you need a suitable shelter. In the case of rabbits, an indoor or outdoor cage is the best option, depending on the type of home or space you have.

About Rabbit - Information and curiosities Animal Wiki

  1. Andrei Florea 7 years ago - 15 February 2010 20:08. Re: Rabbit stew with olives. and ok recipe. But I want to tell you that when hunting, the sauce is made with caramelized sugar. Boil the rabbit - fry in a pot of tuci (after it has been fried on all sides in oil) with the marinade juice and the vegetables in it. when it is almost done, take out the vegetables and the sauce and put them in the blender
  2. Necessary conditions for rabbit chicks. Rabbit chicks need a soft and preferably warm bed to grow without problems. Straws are suitable for older bunnies, but for newborns it is recommended to use a bed to arrange the nest. Rabbits are often not prone to cannibalism, but females can eat stillborn chicks
  3. The German giant likes the company of other rabbits, but they do not necessarily have to be large, but of normal size. Urias german pret. Today, January 21, 2013, a German giant rabbit is priced between 50 and 400 lei

In order to make white furs, much more advantageous for the industry, American breeders created the breed of domestic rabbits New Zealand White. The White Giant also competed in the formation of this race. Its body shape obviously shows characters of the type of rabbit intended for meat production. It is just as important that they can be easily fixed. Put a rope harness on the rabbit, you want to start from the neck, jump the second strap under the abdomen, fasten it. Then, from the back, attach a belt that controls the rabbit's movements. Teach your pet to cut his coat Re: Rabbit Ciulama. super, I also made ciulama out of this and to be honest I wasn't tired of how much appetite I had but I will do it again because I have a microfarm of rabbits and it's not a problem where to get the meat What do I have to cut? Maybe you're wondering how to feed those little baby rabbits we saw born in another video of ours? Our specialist, Antonio Rodriguez, is more than happy. there are a lot of people who were burned buying royal rabbits from Mr. Drehner, Teacher and Decebal.there are people who will delight you to take rabbits from them but 1400 euros 12 rabbits and will show you a panorama of 4 contracts in which you have only obligations and they have absolutely no obligation to comply with that contract. you ask questions, I close your nose.

Delicious rabbit steak with red cabbage salad. rabbit care Rabbit steak is a food quite difficult to prepare and very pretentious, that's why we come to your aid with a delicious recipe that will delight your guests with its special flavor Rabbit Farm I would like a collaboration for sale rabbits 0747 842379. Russian - 18-8-2016, 13:46. Does anyone buy rabbits or are they just spikes. Dani - 5-10-2016, 10:08. Hello, I am a large rabbit breeder, I would like a collaboration for sales, call 0762058258. Florina - 23-10-2016, 17:23. Hello, rabbit meat has a lower fat percentage than chicken, turkey, beef or pork. Rabbit meat is often used to protect health and is often introduced in special diets, such as those for patients with heart disease, old age, low sodium diets, weight loss and more.

Rabbit Names - All Animals

The cage for rabbits of to manufacturers, importers, direct distributors present on Discover the cage for rabbits at low prices (26 products Rabbits for sale. We sell purebred rabbits (German gray giant, Belgian giant, German butterfly, New Zealand, Californian, great chinchilla) at the best prices. Rabbits are vaccinated and are raised in the best conditions. Our farm is located in Ocna Mures, Alba County, close to Cluj, Sibiu or Mures County, you can contact us at 0735192431 or on the website: www.iepuri Currently, the demand for rabbit meat on the market shows a constant trend growth, but supply is well below demand, the main cause of this is that people interested in setting up a rabbit farm, find it very difficult to find all the information about the costs of starting this kind of business Running (or running) like a rabbit = to run (or run) very fast to be quick on foot (To be) scared like a rabbit = (to be) very scared To shoot (or catch) two rabbits at once = to commit (successfully) two actions at once A n u know where the rabbit jumps from = not knowing where a chance may arise (in accomplishing something. Discover the Business Plan in 7 Simple Steps through which you get European Funds for Breeding Rabbits and here are the Markets on which you sell carcass carcasses and live rabbits in 9 counties, and this year you can also export to Italy and France

Rabbit - Coloring pages and educational

  1. Here is a more hearty family meal. When I was at home in the country, I usually made rabbit tuci and cooked it outside on the fire with wood
  2. We all think we were wondering why rabbits get sick. Diseases occur due to parasitic, bacterial, infectious factors, but there are also diseases of nutrition and metabolism that occur over time. 1. Parasitosis - coccidiosis, depending on the location, are: intestinal, hepatic and otorhinopharyngeal and is a major factor for head loss, at least up to
  3. Prices and offer of products from the plush rabbit range from all online stores in Romania. Plush Gray Rabbit Toy, Plush Brown Rabbit Toy, Plush Rabbit Toy Turkey
  4. i, followed by repetition at 4 weeks. There are other vaccines, I personally use against myxomatosis, the Mixovac vaccine, produced by the company CEVA (Germany), a vaccine that can be made from the age of 5 weeks
  5. Your welcome! We created the Cage Factory to come to the aid of hobby or professional animal breeders. The cage models that you can buy from us are created following the use of other breeding systems on our own farm, systems that we have sought to improve, in order to offer increased comfort to the animal accommodated in them, and on the other hand ease.
  6. Gestation period and reproduction rate in rabbits Published on September 25, 2012 by rabbits In rabbits, unlike other animal species, it does not occur spontaneously, but only due to sexual arousal during breeding

Cages for rabbits: construction rules and 10 models

  • ative / accusative (un) iepure: iepurel
  • You were looking for pethop rabbit cage. At eMAG, you are free to choose from millions of top products and brands at great prices ⭐
  • rabbit in DEX. IÉPURE, rabbits, s. M. A genus of rodents of the order of rodents, with long ears, two additional incisor teeth on the upper jaw, hind legs longer than before and a very short tail animal of this kind, hunted for its meat and fur. Expr. You don't know where the rabbit jumps from = you can't know where your solution comes from.
  • Two people from Cluj created the first Romanian rabbit breeds: the Cluj Rabbit and the Transylvanian Giant. A geneticist and a biologist from Cluj-Napoca have created two breeds of rabbits, which, after being approved, will be the first officially recognized in the country. Omologarea unei rase poate dura şi ani, însă clujenii sunt hotărâţi să nu renunţe

Având în vedere cât de favorizat este domeniul sentimental pentru Iepuri în anul Câinelui, nu este exclus ca sfârșitul anului să te găsească logodit(ă) sau chiar căsătorit(ă). Dacă ți-ai găsit deja jumătatea, anul 2018 ar putea fi romantic și tandru ca o a doua lună de miere . Anunturi gratuite cu iepuri de vanzare. Vând iepuri California, de diferite mărimi și varste(pui, adulți, gestante etc) pre. Există mai multe rase de iepure diferite, cu trăsături diferite. În general, însă, iepuri se pot recunoaște în mod clar fața și vocea ta. Un iepure pentru animale de companie va cere atenție, și poate chiar să învețe trucuri atunci când a învățat și recompensați în mod corespunzător

. Iepuri de rasa de vanzare. Vindem iepuri de rasa (urias gri german, urias belgian, fluture german, neozeelandez, californian, chinchila mare) la cele mai bune preturi. Iepurii sunt vaccinati si sunt crescuti in cele mai bune conditii. Crescatoria noastra se afla in Ocna Mures, jud. Alba. Ne puteti contacta la nr de telefon 0735192431 sau pe website: Iepurele urias belgian este una dintre cele mai mari rase de iepuri din lume, ajungand la greutatea de 7-8 kilograme si masoara aproape 80 centimetri lungime.. Rasa de iepuri urias belgian are un corp lung, un spate mare, rotunjit si picioarele posterioare solide. Picioarele sunt puternice, musculoase, au o lungime medie, capul este mare, cu o barbie completa si urechile lungi de aproximativ.

Iepuri de carne de vanzare pret - Septembrie 202

  1. Iepurele de vizuină (Oryctolagus cuniculus), numit și lapin, este singura specie a genului Oryctolagus din familia Leporidae, ordinul Lagomorpha. Această specie este strămoșul tuturor raselor de iepuri de casă. Nu dă hibrizi la încrucișarea cu iepurele de câmp, dat fiind numărul diferit de cromozomi al celor două specii
  2. Pastrama de iepure Ingrediente: -carcasa de iepure ( spalat bine si stoars de sange) - trei morcovi - trei ceape mari -10 catei usturoi -sare -piper( macinat sau boabe) -cimbru -foi de dafin -vegeta ( delicat de legume) -boia dulce -patrunjel -leustean ( putin ) Mod de preparare: Preparare Bait: Se pune intr-o oala 5l apa la fiert.Se baga in apa sare,cepa taiata bucati mari,usturoiul taiat.
  3. Avem de a face cu o rasa veche de iepuri de casă, cu indicii ale existenţei lor în 1700. Această rasă este considerabil mai veche decât iepurii berbeci francezi ( French Lop ). Nu este neobişnuit să întâlnim un iepure English Lop cu o anvergură a urechilor de 50 de centimetri ( adică măsurate de la un vârf la altul). În 1885 o.

Dieta de iepuri pitic. Până la două luni, iepurii obțin substanțe utile de la iepure. Când sunt depuse într-o altă celulă, trebuie să li se administreze lapte timp de încă o lună. Cum se face acest lucru, spunem în articolul Pot da lapte unui iepure tocana de iepure care da un nou inteles acestei carni fragile si oala de lut in aceasta tocana/friptura deosebita.Portii: 4 Timp de : 150 minute Ingrediente: 4 pulpe de iepure (cele din spate) 3 morcovi 1 radacina . Spalati si curatati pulpele de iepure de pielite. Curatati telina, morcovii

Mulți șefi de iepure experimentați susțin că tratamentul cu coccidoză la iepuri este, de asemenea, posibil cu remedii folclorice, de exemplu, folosind iod. Oferă o încetare a dezvoltării active a coccidiei și provoacă oxidarea acelor substanțe care rămân neprelucrate de stomac Acum patru ani pretul la rasa de iepuri mare era situat intre 70-150 de lei, iar acum a scazut la 50-70 de lei, in timp ce la puii de rasa medie a scazut de la 70 la 30 de lei. Pe parcursul anului trecut am observat ca a crescut dorinta de a consuma carne de iepure, dar se simte din plin lipsa culturii culinare romanii urmand a descoperi abia. Iubitul nasului of iepure sau rinita - una dintre cele mai frecvente și neplăcute boli pentru animalele of companie și proprietarii lor.. S-au scris multe despre motivele apariției, metodei of prevenire și tratament o instrucțiune unică, detaliată și detaliată a crescătorului of iepuri nu va interveni

Ferplast Cusca Iepure 140 Cusca din plastic (cuva diverse culori) si metal (lateralele si partea superioara) pentru iepuri. Include 2 adapatoare, 2 castroane si 2 recipente pentru. de la 814,64 RO Iepurii de camp sunt, de fapt, carnivori si canibali, dezvaluie, in premiera, noi imagini video cu aceste animale. Iepurii de camp din teritoriul Yukon din Canada mananca carne pentru a-si suplimenta mesele in timpul iernilor lungi, scrie National Geographic. - Toate articolele pe tema: Iepuri Aceasta este cea mai intalnita boala parazitara la iepuri, care produce pierderi mari in randurile efectivelor de iepuri de casa. Se raspandeste foarte repede si daca nu se iau masurile de rigoare iepurii mor prin extenuare. Masurile profilactice pentru combaterea raiei la iepuri constau in:-interzicerea aducerii unor animale bolnave in.

Informaţii generale: Dacă sunteți în căutarea unui iepure adorabil, atunci aceasta este rasa la care trebuie să vă opriți. Iepurele din rasa Mini Lop are un aspect de jucărie de pluș, cu o față durdulie, cu urechi lăsate, un corp solid și cu o blană lungă și moale. Pe lângă faptul că sunt menite să fie ținute în brațe, iepurii din rasa Mini Lop sunt niște animăluțe. PREMIUM IEPURE 20kg este o hrana de calitate superioara pentru iepuri. Premium Iepure 20kg reprezinta un amestec de seminte, fructe, cereale, lapte. si derivate din lapte, care asigura un meniu complet pentru iepuri. » Pret: 266.71 RO Tags: agresivitate iepuri, Agroland, carne de iepure, colonie iepuri, creșterea iepurilor, cușcă iepuri, gestație iepuri, iepuri, iepuri pentru carne | Creșterea iepurilor pentru carne este o metodă foarte bună de a ne asigura o producție proprie de carne gustoasă. Sunt însă câteva aspecte pe care orice gospodar ar trebui să le. Este foarte important de stiut atunci cand dormim ca animalul nostru de companie sa fie un iepure sa stim ca daca are si un partener atunci nu o sa avem doar 2 iepuri ci o intreaga ferma, asta deoarece iepurii se reproduc intr-un mod extrem de accelerat

Cusca iepure. Cumpara ieftin, pret bu

Atunci cand gasesc carne de iepure in oferta la LIDL cumpar si fac o friptura gustoasa si sanatoasa, fie cum e cea de astazi, friptura de iepure la cuptor in bere, fie la cuptor cu vin, fie cu sos de rosii si masline.Atat am experimentat pana acum ca si retete asa ca orice recomandare de la voi e bine venita IEPURI - Cum ii educam sa isi faca nevoile in litiera? - Duration: 5:39. Totul pentru animale 16,454 views. 5:39. Deosebirea sexelor la puii de iepure - Duration: 9:23. Nicolae. Poplacean 12,176. Astfel de iepuri rapide lactație de creștere sa datorat în mare valoare nutritivă ridicată de lapte iepure. În medie, acesta contine 15% proteine, 10 la 20% grăsime, 2% glucoză și 2,5% minerale. Rase de iepuri de maturare de lapte cu intensitate alimentare corectă de creștere depășește pui. Iepuri maturi sexual, de asemenea.

Rasele de Iepuri - Descrieri, Caracteristici si Recomandar

Carnuri de iepure: cataloage cu reduceri, oferte si promotii de la magazinele tale favorite. Preturi, produse si reduceri la carnuri de iepure, iepuri proaspet Iepurii și iepurii sunt animale de companie care pot fi păstrate bine în grădină, într-un loc stabil. Sunt animale ușor de manevrat, foarte drăguțe și dulci. Majoritatea sunt ținute ca animale de companie pentru copiii care ar trebui să învețe cum să se ocupe de animale și cum să-și asume responsabilitatea pentru ei. Pentru cei ale căror părinți nu permit animalele. Iepure Marele Alb este o rasa de iepure formata in Belgia si Germania prin selectia unor exemplare din rasa Uriasul Belgian si definitivarea rasei cu ajutorul altor specii de iepure din Germania. Este crescut pentru expozitii, ca animal de companie, carne si blana. Multi prefera ultimele doua categorii deoarece pot fi costisitori si necesita ingrijire si atentie CRESTERE DE IEPURI ESTE O SURSA DE CARNE SANATOASA SI IEFTINA. CARNE DE IEPURE ESTE FARA COLESTEROL SI POT FI CONSUMAT SI DE PERSOANE CARE SUFERA DE DIABET. IEPRUI SUNT USOR DE INMULTIT SI IEFTIN DE CRESCUT. UN IEPURE POT PRODUCE CCA 160 KG DE CARNE PE AN. CITITI MAI MULT PE ACEST BLOG Iepurii de camp sunt, de fapt, carnivori si canibali, dezvaluie, in premiera, noi imagini video cu aceste animale. Iepurii de camp din teritoriul Yukon din Canada mananca carne pentru a-si suplimenta mesele in timpul iernilor lungi, scrie National Geographic. - Toate articolele pe tema: Iepure

Hrana umeda pentru pisici Delivit cat cu carne de iepure 400 g Delivit cat cu carne de iepure este un aliment complet pentru pisici. cu cuburi din carne de iepure.Compozitie: carne si produse din carne (carne macra. de iepure min. 4,1%), peste si produse din peste, cereale, minerale. Prezentare » Pret: 2.9 RO Găsește rapid cele mai bune oferte pentru Vand Pui de iepuri pe Am colectat 624 anunțuri de pe sute de site-uri publicitare pentru tine Sursele de infectare la iepuri pot fi prin transmiterea directa de la iepure la iepure, prin furaj sau chiar prin ingrijitorul iepurilor daca acesta are contact cu iepurii infectati. Foarte periculos sunt expozitiile sau targurile unde ajung multi iepuri din diferite locuri laolalta Iepure de camp - Lepus europaeus. Adaugat de Redactia - sept. 22, 2016. 1. Descriere: Lungimea corpului variaza intre 60 cm si 70 cm, greutatea intre 4 - 4,5 kg. Bine camuflat, culoarea se confunda mai totdeauna cu mediul.Spatele este cafeniu-galbui, patat cu negru. Laturile mai mult galbene-ruginii

Animale de companie # iepuri # rase iepuri # Berbecul englez # iepure arctic # iepure de angora # angora # fluture francez 4 rase deosebite de iepuri 4 rase deosebite de iepuri Iepurii se claseaza pe un loc fruntas in preferintele iubitorilor de animale de companie, deoarece sunt vietuitoare care se pot creste cu usurinta atat in apartament, cat si la curte, sunt fiinte afectuoase si blande. Deşi denumirea ar putea crea ideea că acest iepure provine din Noua Zeelandă ca şi origine, rasa a fost creată în America de către crescătorii de iepuri de pe acest continent. La formarea acestei rase a participat şi uriaşul alb. Acest iepure are un aspect corporal cu forme rotunde, ideal pentru producţia de carne

Cresterea iepurilor - hrana iepurilor de casa, ce mananca

Dietă variată, bogată în fibre pentru iepuri. Caracteristici: - Compoziție fără cereale cu extra legume, vitamine și minerale - Varietate de alimente bogate în fibre cu ierburi, plante și legume - Bucăți crocante pentru dinți sănătoși. Ingredient Iepure cu sos de muştar în stil franţuzesc. Trimite pe mail. 20 februarie 2014 Comentarii: 9 Vizualizări: 23610 Ingrediente. 1 bucată iepure 2 bucăți ceapă roșie 150 grame smântână dulce 2 linguri muștar 2 linguri muştar boabe. Cine fuge după doi iepuri nu prinde nici unul. Buză de iepure v. buză. Brînză de iepure v. brînză. Iepure de casă = iepure de diferite rase și varietăți, cres­cut de oameni pentru carne, pentru blană sau pentru părul lung și moale care se poate toarce. Expr. Cîți iepuri la biserică = nimeni, nici unul. substantiv masculin iepure Gunoiul de iepure poate fi găsit în saci preambalați sau obținut de la fermierii iepuri. Deși se poate răspândi direct pe paturi de grădină, mulți oameni preferă să compostă gunoi de iepure înainte de utilizare Din punct de vedere simbolic, iepurele ar fi un fel de ghid care deschide uşile şi, în lumea visului, poarta inconştientului şi a minunilor lui. Vise similare: Ce inseamna sa visezi IEPURE DE CASA, IEPURE DE CAMP. In vis, iepurele de casa este adesea un simbol al vietii, energiei si sporirii fortelor vitale sau materiale

Dincolo de această simbolistică, visele cu iepuri au mai multe explicaţii. De te vei visa îngrijind un pui de iepure, un copil vei avea de crescut. Nu este exclus să fii nevoită să creşti nu unul ci mai mulţi copii. Iepure de vei mânca, în vis, semn de împăcare este, vei trăi în bună înţelegere cu oamenii din jurul tău La vârsta de 5-6 săptămâni nici nu se cunoasc foarte bine diferențele de talie, deci e o chestiune de discutat, fiindcă nici nu se poate diferenția foarte clar un iepure comun de culoare agouti de un uriaș la vârsta de o lună . Dar la 3 luni uriașul poate trece de 3 kg, iar urechile au deja 17-18 cm, pe când la celălalt nu Rasa de iepuri Palomino a început să apară cu iepuri de culoare neagră sau maro. Dar atunci când iepurii creșteau, începea să apară o culoare diferită, mai palidă, mai gălbuie. Drept urmare, a început să își concentreze atenția înspre încrucișarea celor două rase. Ca și rezultat, un iepure de culoare bej și-a făcut. Repeta este un așternut pelete, în întregime din materiale naturale pentru iepuri și rozătoare. Caracteristici: - realizat din materiale naturale - fără praf - are proprietăți excelente de absorbție și absorbție a mirosului - așternut universal. Utilizare IÉPURE, iepuri, s.m. Gen de mamifere din ordinul rozătoarelor, cu urechile lungi, cu doi dinţi incisivi suplimentari pe falca superioară, cu picioarele dinapoi mai lungi decât cele dinainte şi cu coada foarte scurtă animal din acest gen, vânat pentru carnea şi blana lui. ♢ Expr. Nu ştii de unde sare iepurele = nu poţi să ştii de unde îţi vine soluţionarea unei probleme

INFO Iepuri, Targoviste, Dâmbovița, Romania. 638 likes · 110 talking about this. Totul despre cresterea iepurilor si beneficiile consumului cărnii de iepure Angora englezesc - cel mai mic dintre iepurii de Angora cu o greutate de 2-3 kg. Acest iepure are o blana foarte bogata care necesita o ingrijire atenta din partea crescatorului. * Angora frantuzesc (vezi imaginea alaturata) - este mai mare decat iepurele de Angora englezesc, cantareste intre 3,5 si 5 kg Iepurele Secuiesc Marca, Salaj. 1.3K likes. Rasa noua de iepure. Iepurele secuies

Greek salad traditional recipe

Salata greceasca reteta traditionala. O salata de vara compusa din rosii, branza feta, castraveti, ceapa, ardei si masline. Este numita si salata horiatiki (rustica, taraneasca) si isi are originile in Grecia.

Salata greceasca clasica contine doar elementele enumerate mai sus, toate de foarte buna calitate: rosii dulci si zemoase, castraveti de gradina, ardei verzi, ceapa rosie.

Bineinteles ca nu lipsesc cele 3 elemente de baza: branza feta, maslinele Kalamata si uleiul extravirgin de masline. Asezonarea se face simplu, doar cu sare si putin oregano.

Toate aceste ingrediente traditionale se afla la indemana locuitorilor Greciei, fiind produse sau cultivate local. Nici poveste de frunze de salata in salata greceasca traditionala. Probabil pentru ca taranii greci nu o cultiva in gradini din cauza conditiilor climatice. Vorba Laurei Laurentiu: „e chiar păcat să complici un lucru cu adevărat superb în simplitatea lui”.

Aceasta salata a devenit un brand de tara, fiind oferita cu mandrie in toate restaurantele lor. Ba mai mult, la fel ca si pizza, lasagna, Boeuf Bourguignon, salata bulgareasca (Shopska) sau paella, si salata greceasca a depasit de multa vreme granitele nationale si a devenit un preparat notoriu la nivel mondial. Poti comanda o salata greceasca atat la Atena cat si la New York sau Paris.

Bineinteles ca exista mici variatiuni regionale care accepta folosirea caperelor murate sau dressingul cu otet de vin sau zeama de lamaie. M-am documentat citind mai multe articole pe aceasta tema si am remarcat ca difera si modul de prezentare al acestei salate grecesti. Se intalneste atat varianta cu felia intreaga de branza asezata deasupra salatei cat si cea cu branza faramitata sau taiata cubulete.

Una peste alta trebuie sa recunoastem ca este o salata de vara grozava, vesela, colorata, racoritoare, sanatoasa si totusi hranitoare si foarte echilibrata. Chiar poate constitui un mic dejun in zilele toride.

Deoarece salata greceasca poate fi atat un fel principal cat si o gustare, am sa va dau cantitatile pentru 2 portii mari respectiv 4 mici.

Plăcintă grecească cu portocale și iaurt - Portokalopita

  • Pentru o tavă de 23/36 cm:
  • 1 pachet de foi de plăcintă( 400 gr)
  • 5 ouă
  • 300 gr iaurt grecesc
  • 1 pachet praf de copt
  • 100 gr zahăr
  • a pinch of salt
  • 200 ml ulei de floarea soarelui
  • grated peel from an orange
  • Syrup:
  • suc proaspăt de la 2 portocale( aprox. 300 ml)
  • grated peel from an orange
  • 300 ml apă
  • 100 gr zahăr
  • 50 gr zahăr vanilat

Ingrediente pentru Vinete umplute cu carne tocata, reteta la cuptor

Ingrediente pentru 8 portii.

  • -4 vinete egale, cam la 300 g bucata
  • -1 onion
  • -1 morcov mic
  • -2-3 rosii medii
  • -400 g carne tocata
  • -jumatate ardei gras
  • -2 cloves of garlic
  • -2 teaspoons of salt
  • -1 varf de cutit piper proaspat macinat
  • -1 lingura de patrunjel tocat
  • -cimbru optional
  • -200 g cascaval ras sau parmezan, mozzarella
  • -30 ml ulei

Iepure cu sos de ceapa

Carnea de iepure devine din ce in ce mai cautata, fiind considerata o delicatese intrucat nu contine cholesterol, nu are grasimi si in plus beneficiaza de proprietati curative pentru bolnavii de cancer, de boli de inima and diete scazute in sodiu.

This one carne de iepure are un grad inalt de digestibilitate ea fiind bogata in aminoacizi esentiali, dietetica si hranitoare.

Sunt numeroase variante de a gati carnea de iepure ( incepand cu mezeluri de calitate, fiarta, prajita in cuptor, gratar etc… ).

Insa acum vom prezenta si gati o reteta traditionala pur romaneasca din carne de iepure cu ceapa foarte multa.

Este o reteta foarte usor de gatit.


Bună ziua dragi pofticioși! Nu demult am revenit din vacanță din frumoasa Grecia. La fiecare restaurant unde am mâncat comandam mai întâi de toate salată grecească. Am văzut mai multe tipuri: cu capere, ardei iute marinat și cel mai interesant a fost cu ou fiert. Astăzi am pregătit salata noastră preferată de SALATĂ GRECEASCĂ și sper să vă placă și vouă. I wish you to continue to have a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 5-6 roșii
  • 3 castraveți
  • 1 ardei dulce mare (curățat de semințe)
  • ½ ceapă roșie (de dimensiune mare sau una mică)
  • 100 gr. – măsline Kalamata
  • 1 linguriță – capere (spălate)
  • 150 gr. – brânză Feta
  • 4-5 linguri – ulei de măsline
  • 1 linguriță – mix pentru salată grecească sau oregano uscat

Method of preparation:

  1. Taie ceapa și ardeiul dulce felii subțiri și pune-le într-un bol.
  2. După care taie castraveții cubulețe sau rondele și adaugă-le peste legumele tăiate mai devreme.
  3. Taie roșiile cubulețe și adaugă-le în bol. Presară cu mix pentru salată grecească sau pur și simplu cu oregano uscat. Stropește cu ulei de măsline și amestecă totul împreună.
  4. Transferă salata pe o altă farfurie și adaugă pe toată suprafața măsline și capere, iar la sfârșit, starul acestei rețete Brânză Feta. Stropește-o cu ulei de măsline și presară cu condimente pentru salată grecească sau cu oregano. Good appetite!
If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

Video: The Original Greek Fisherman Cap by Aegean (July 2022).


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