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Mice with nuts

Mice with nuts

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In a bowl, take the milk and mix it with the sugar until smooth, then take the margarine or lard (I used margarine because I didn't have lard and it comes out softer), eggs, yeast (I put 37 grams but I -they have grown more in the oven, preferably to put 30) salt and flour powder until a dough comes out like the apple pie sheet.

Put the covered dough in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. , then break the pieces of dough and make them in the shape of a mouse. Put the cloves instead of the eyes, and the toothpicks instead of the tails.

Put them in the oven for 20 minutes.

Peanut butter

A delicious hazelnut tart, without chocolate, that children really like. As a filling for cakes, as a sandwich, with yogurt, muffins. and more!

  • Ascen Jiménez
  • Recipe type: picnic
  • Calories: 82
  • Preparation time: 5M
  • Cooking time: 4M
  • Total time: 9M


  • 250 g icing sugar (it's better with the purchased one, but if we don't have it, we can make it ourselves)
  • 80 g milk powder
  • 45 g skinless hazelnuts so that the cream is white
  • 120 g of sunflower oil
  • A teaspoon of liquid vanilla essence


Put the icing sugar, powdered milk and hazelnuts in the glass. atomizer progressive speed 5-10 until it remains a very fine powder.

Add the oil and the teaspoon of liquid vanilla. programmer 1 minute, speed 7. And we already have our cream.

We keep it in a glass jar (the Nutella glass with its lid looks great).

How to prepare hazelnut ice cream

The warmth of the sea reminded me that I did not share the recipe for hazelnut ice cream. It was the first time I made this recipe, but the result was super good. Along with the chocolate ice cream it went great.


6 eggs
100 g unsalted hazelnuts
15 tablespoons sugar
3 sachets of vanilla sugar
3 tablespoons flour
1 liter of milk
100 g butter

Method of preparation

* Mix the yolks with half the sugar, vanilla sugar, flour and milk. Boil over low heat or on a steam bath until thickened.

* Whisk the egg whites together with the remaining sugar.

* Homogenize the cooled cream with the meringue, then leave it in the freezer for at least 8 hours.

If you like it, share it with your friends!


For the dough:
500g flour
1 teaspoon salt
400ml mineral water
Frying oil

For the filling:
400g rice
2 onions
Salt, pepper, vegeta, chilly to taste
Green parsley
Frying oil

For decoration:
Carrot rounds for the ears
Peppercorns for nose and eyes

Method of preparation:
Wash the rice and boil it in 1l water. Season with salt and vegeta, to taste. Leave it to boil until it becomes soft and all the water evaporates. It may be necessary to replenish the amount of water lost through evaporation during boiling.

We clean the onion, cut it into small pieces and put it in a frying pan with oil.

Add the hardened onion over the pre-cooked rice, season well with pepper, salt and chilly. Finely chop the parsley, add it over the rice and mix everything until smooth.

In a bowl put flour, a teaspoon of salt and mineral water and knead until you get a dough that, although it does not stick to your hand, you can add extra flour until you reach a dough that we can we stretch, without sticking.

Having prepared the two compositions, we can start the formation of mice.
Spread the dough in a blanket half a centimeter thick, take the rice and shape the body of a mouse - a kind of flat pear should come out at the bottom - put the rice thus formed on the sheet of dough and cover with dough. Cut with a knife around the formed body and put to fry, over low heat, in an oil bath, for 5 - 8 minutes, until it acquires a golden color.
We will also make mouse tails from the dough. Cut thin strips of dough and rolls with your fingers to give them a cylindrical shape, then fry them in an oil bath until golden.
For the ears, cut the slices of the raw carrot, wrap them in the dough and fry them in oil.
After we have all the parts that make up the mouse, we can mount the mouse on a plate. We add the tail, the ears, which we catch with half toothpicks and the eyes and the nose which are made of peppercorns. Mice are served hot.

Cake with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, jam and chocolate & # 8211

Cake with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, jam and chocolate & # 8211 recipe by Nussecken. Triangles of tender dough, mix of caramelized nuts with butter, apricot jam and chocolate icing. Fresh cake with nuts, jam and chocolate. Walnut, almond, hazelnut cake recipes. Walnut cookie recipes.

This cake with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, jam and chocolate is usually made for Christmas. It is popular in Austria and Germany. I have "met" these Nussecken since childhood, when I was first in Austria. I ate then, from a praline store, various goodies, including mini-Nussecken that were sold by the kilogram. It was a small shop in Sector III in Vienna where they had a lot of specialties: from Mozartkugel and Mozarttaler to glazed chestnuts (the recipe here) and candied fruit drawn in chocolate. They then winked at me with these Nussecken, which I tasted. Excellent! Triangles of tender dough covered with a thick layer of chopped hazelnuts and with chocolate glazed corners. Yummy!

Some time ago, my friend Daniela Baitura Toma (Savori Urbane fan) asked me about this cookie cake and asked me to make it because she loves it too. I promised to find out about the exact recipe of these Nussecken, and even though it took some time for it to be published, I hope they make you and you happy too. Last year was one of our Christmas cakes.

The classic version of the cake is only hazelnut. But there are also many variations with hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and combinations thereof. It is certain that hazelnuts should predominate.

This cake with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, jam and chocolate is exceptional, of a rare finesse. Basically there are some hazelnuts and walnuts that caramelize in vanilla butter. Sour apricot jam and bitter chocolate balance their sweetness and make the cake perfect.

Regarding the name of & # 8222Nussecken & # 8221 this means & # 8222 walnut corners & # 8221 where under the name of nuts we mean hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds. Haselnuss in German it means hazelnuts, so it may be an abbreviation of it. That is why the shape of these cakes is always triangular. It is pronounced & # 8222nuss-ecan & # 8221 with emphasis on the first syllable.

From the quantities below results a cake with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, jam and chocolate baked in a tray of 30 & # 21540 cm. This recipe is from an Austrian cookbook from the & # 821770.

Check with bananas and hazelnut flour

I got some baked hazelnut flour from Nuts for Nuts and kept thinking about what to do with it, so it turned out to be a gluten-free cake with nut and banana cream. It surprised me the most by the subtle taste of bananas, nuts, but also by its moisture, being slightly creamy. You have to try it!


1. Mix the hazelnut flour (I used hazelnut flour from Nuts for Nuts) with the oatmeal, erythritol (I used the Farewell Fat), cocoa, salt and baking powder.

2. Grind the bananas and mix, with the mixer, with the hazelnut paste (I used Nuty Cream from Nuts for Nuts), eggs (or aquafaba), vanilla and gradually add the almond milk.

3. Mix the dry and wet ingredients well and empty the dough into a cake pan, lined with baking paper.

4. Using a teaspoon, empty evenly, a little nut cream here and there through the cake. Sprinkle a little hazelnut flour on top to have a crispy crust.

5. Place the cake in the oven for 50-60 minutes at 170 ° C. Check it with a toothpick at the end to make sure it's baked. Stick a toothpick and if it comes out clean, the cake is baked. Good appetite!

I also challenge you to "play" with the ingredients and "cut new flavors".

Chest in three colors with hazelnuts

Check three colors with hazelnuts, a special dessert, a special cake for special events. Contains captivating aromas of: hazelnuts, chocolate and oranges. Serve a slice with the glass of milk!
Because the name of the recipe is three-color check, let's find out a few things about the influence of colors on appetite. Ro & # 537ul It can increase blood pressure, but it can improve the functioning of the heart, it is a color of passion, and it can bring us a drop of energy & icircn plus, at lunchtime & # 259. yellow, often associated with the energy of joy, optimism and happiness, is also a color that stimulates the appetite. orange stimulates intellectual activity, but also appetite. greenery represents freshness and is often associated with the idea of ​​abundance.

Photo: Chec & icircn three colors with hazelnuts & ndash Archive & # 259 City Publishing SRL

& Icirc & # 539i must:
5 or & # 259
1 can & # 259 zah & # 259r
1 can & # 259 oil
2 c & # 259ni f & # 259in & # 259
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
1 powder of & # 537ofran
peeled peel & # 259 from 1 orange & # 259
100 g of household chocolate
100 g of raw hard hazelnuts
For decoration:
100 g chocolate & # 259
50 ml milk
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Mix the egg yolks in a bowl with the oil, adding it a little, like mayonnaise. The white foams are hard foam, then you incorporate some sugar into the sugar and continue to dissolve. In the egg white cream, add the vanilla sugar and the sifted flour, alternating with the white foam.
Distribute the composition in 3 bowls. & Icircn the first bowl add & # 537ofran & # 537i orange peel & # 259 shaved & # 259 In the second bowl, add the large ground hazelnuts, and in the third, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and cool.
Wallpaper a cake tray with baking paper. Pour the composition with the chocolate, then the one with the peanuts and the one with the hazelnuts. Either you marble them or lay them in layers, so that the slices look like a mosaic. Bake the cake for 35-40 minutes, over medium heat, in the preheated oven.
After the cake has cooled, glaze it with chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie and mix it with the milk.

Preparation 25 minutes Bake 30 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 & # 8239de Mihaela Neam & # 539u, Satu Mare

Come in here and try to find an appetizer cake.

Cookies with hazelnuts (Cookies)

It looks like in the shows on Euphoria or in the pictures from Hershey & # 39s. Delicious. I think you gave me an idea how to surprise my girlfriend.

Thanks, your comment confirms what I had noticed: in these 6 months I managed to progress a little, at first I took some mediocre pictures - and I say this with indulgence :)
These cookies really seem ideal to be prepared by someone without experience. Simply mix all the ingredients and throw them in the pan, you don't even have to bother with their shape :)

looks good! congratulations. I will do them too! I will put raisins and hazelnuts!

A similar recipe was in a recipe magazine and had a very nice name: Fluffy and hazelnut kiss. : D

That gives the title of cookies! :) But I like the world to know clearly what it's about, otherwise I'll wake up later because I don't even know what's "hiding" under that link :))

I put cranberries and cashews, the truth is that this recipe as well as the muffins are very & quotversatile & quot, you can make variations on the same theme with dozens of ingredients.

You need the recipe for basic cookies, then you can let your imagination run wild :)

mmmmmm. I had to try it, it looks too good not to try.

Hi, Man! I've been following your blog for a while and I really like what you're doing. I also have a question: about how many cookies come out of this amount?
Thank you in advance and increase your cooking, as a talent you have with the cart & # 39!

Hi, Madalina! Thank you and I tell you that you should get about 20 cookies.

Thank you very much for the answer, and I am looking forward to details about the dish whose picture has already driven me crazy on Facebook.

You don't have to, I hope you found the respective details :) I published the recipe a few hours later.

Does the tray need to be greased with something? D

I used a Teflon tray and there was no need to grease it, especially since the cookies also contain butter. But, if you use the oven tray, you should grease it with butter or oil and then sprinkle it with a little flour. Or you can wallpaper it with baking paper.

Hi & quotBarbatLa Cratita & quot.I discovered you 2 months ago and since then I go weekly to look for good and easy to make recipes like yours that I put into practice. Thank you very much for everything. You have a 10 grade blog with a star.

Hi & quotAnonymous & quot :) You can also choose an ID / nickname, so I can recognize you next time. My name is Robert, I should probably make a page with (unnecessary) information about me in the end. Thanks for the star rating.

Hi! I also really liked what the cookies looked like. I'm in the oven now. I'm growing a lot, I can't get out of the tray :). I got 40, I don't understand why so many, I don't realize what I did. And anyway, I have some small trays, I prepared 2. It's the first time I make cakes in the oven and I chose these because you said they are for beginners. One question: should the sugar be put over boiling butter? I struggled for 20 minutes to melt it and it still didn't melt, but I took the butter after it melted in the pot. Thank you!

Hi, Ilinca! I'm convinced that in the end they didn't come out of the tray, but it's normal for them to swell (you can also see in the recipe images that the cookies are quite "swollen"). The sugar should not be put over boiling butter, because it will not even boil (melt it in a bain-marie just to avoid bringing the butter to a very high temperature). So I don't know why your sugar hasn't melted - next time you can use powdered sugar, so you won't have any problems. Regarding the excessive number of cookies you got: I may have been wrong when I said that about 20 cookies would come out, I see that I wrote this in a comment a year after they were I prepared :) Or maybe you made them smaller.


In a bowl of hot water, add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of oil. When the water boils, add the ravioli and let it boil for another 14-15 minutes, then pour everything into a strainer and let all the water drain well.

Separately, prepare a pesto sauce, garlic and a little salt, which you mix with yogurt and pour everything over the ravioli.

In another bowl melt butter or margarine, add the paprika, mix, then add this mixture to the bowl with the ravioli, mix well and you are ready to serve!



• kataif dough (400g)
• water or milk (1250g - 6 cups)
• sugar (1000g - 5 cups)
• butter / margarine (1 tbsp)
• lemon juice (3-5 drops)
• walnut, hazelnut or pistachio kernels - ground (2 tablespoons)

Method of preparation

Pour 1000g of sugar (5 cups) into 1250g of water (6 cups) or milk and boil together until consistent.

Add a few (3-5 drops) lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine to the boiling syrup prepared with water and sugar and turn off the heat.

Allow the syrup to cool for 45-60 minutes at room temperature, then pour the lukewarm syrup into the tray in which you placed the kataif dough.

After 1 hour, your dessert is ready to serve - you can decorate it with walnut kernels, hazelnuts or pistachios (ground), sour cream.



• mini-savarine KemalPașa (150g)
• water (1250g - 6 cups)
• sugar (1000g - 5 cups)
• walnut, hazelnut or pistachio kernels - ground (2 tablespoons)

Method of preparation

In a bowl, put water and sugar and stir over low heat.

After the sugar melts and the syrup starts to boil, add a packet (150g) of KemalPașa mini-savarines.

Continue boiling for 20-25 minutes until the savarines soften.

After cooling, sprinkle walnut kernels, ground hazelnuts, pistachios or sesame paste on top (be careful: excellent!) And the dessert is ready to serve!



• mini savarines with cheese (150g)
• water (1250g - 6 cups)
• sugar (1000g - 5 cups)
• walnut, hazelnut or pistachio kernels - ground (2 tablespoons)

Method of preparation

In a bowl, put water and sugar and stir over low heat.

After the sugar melts and the syrup starts to boil, add a packet (150g) of mini-savarines with cheese.

Continue boiling for 20-25 minutes until the savarines soften.

After cooling, sprinkle walnut kernels, ground hazelnuts, pistachios or sesame paste on top (be careful: excellent!) And the dessert is ready to serve!


Rub the margarine foam with the sugar, add the honey, lemon juice, ammonia and salt. Add the previously sifted flour, mix well until you get a homogeneous dough. From this dough we take a piece a little bigger than a hazelnut, from which we make a ball. We do this until we finish all the dough.
We put a ball on a fork, which we put in a bowl with water to moisten it, then roll it in powdered sugar and crushed hazelnuts. We try to press them lightly with our fingers, so that the nuts can be caught. We give them a disc shape, eventually we can lightly press them with a fork and place them in the tray lined with baking paper.

In the moderately hot oven, leave the tray for about 10 minutes, until it acquires a beautiful golden color.

If we want after we have formed the cookies, we can grease them on top with a little water, sprinkle powdered sugar and crushed hazelnuts, gaining a more pleasant appearance.

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