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Indian chicken pie

Indian chicken pie

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I started with potatoes. I cleaned them, washed them, cut them into large pieces and boiled them for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, I washed the vegetables and chopped the onion finely and the peppers coarsely.

I heated a tablespoon of oil and browned the large pieces of chicken breast on both sides. I took them out in a plate and in the same pan I added the rest of the oil and I lightly hardened the onion, the peppers, the grated ginger and the crushed garlic. I added the curry, coriander, cumin and ground mustard seeds and cooked for a few more minutes on low heat, stirring constantly.

Then I added vinegar, sugar, tomatoes and coconut milk over the vegetables. I continued to simmer for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, the potatoes were boiled, which I took out of the hot water and let them drain, to eliminate the excess water.

I also sliced ​​the coarse chicken breast, which I added to the bowl and left to cook for another 20 minutes.

When the sauce subsided, I turned off the heat, seasoned with salt to taste and sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves.

I continued with the topping. Thus, I mashed the potatoes and mixed them with turmeric, coconut milk, lemon juice, coriander stalks, finely chopped green onions and seasoned with salt to taste.

I transferred the masala in two trays and placed on top of it the mashed potatoes over which I sprinkled onion seeds.

I froze one and baked the other for about 30 minutes.

The result was unexpectedly good! The sweet - sour - hot taste has definitely conquered us!

Enjoy !!!

Correct "lumps"

The dough is ready, you can start harvesting the most delicious cakes. sprinkle generously with flour and roll in a long pan. Try to divide it into uniform pieces (lumps get about 15-20). it is necessary to let them "breathe" in this form. With the passage of time, each empty roll on the cake, they must be quite large. Thickness test. - the filling can spread about 0.5 cm. But first, we learn how to cook it.

Maria Dinu recipe: Pie with manatees and chicken

"I hope to make them smile, to see that they are human, not fierce dogs," she said at first. Fortunately, he managed to get not only a smile from the three jurors, but also the MasterChef apron.

The ingredients for the dough are above. Below is the list of other ingredients.

For the filling:

  • a cup of oil (about 50 ml)
  • & frac12 kg dried onion (4 large onions)
  • 3-4 boneless boneless chicken legs, without skin (approx. 400 g of meat)
  • 3 eggs
  • a bunch of parsley
  • 100 g parmesan
  • a bunch of green onions
  • black peppercorns, coriander (berries), cumin
  • 400 g manatarci (mushrooms)

For sauces:

  • 2 parsley bindings
  • sweet cream for cooking
  • two tablespoons of food starch
  • 1/2 l sweet milk (3.5% fat)
  • coarse salt for cooking

Method of preparation:
Filling: clean the 3-4 onions, cut them into small pieces and put them in the pan (wok type) to harden with about a cup of oil. Cover with a lid and add a little water from time to time, so that the onion is more stewed than fried. While the onion is cooking, prepare the dough: mix the two yolks with a pinch of salt, half a packet of butter and flour (as much as it contains), until a homogeneous dough is formed. Knead a little by hand, then put in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few minutes (more precisely until the filling is ready). After I put the dough in the freezer, continue preparing the filling.

Chop the meat, green onions, parsley and grate the Parmesan cheese. Grind the spices together (black pepper, cumin and coriander). When the onion is hardened, transfer the composition to the stainless steel pan and mash with the mashed crusher to obtain a hardened onion paste (we do not want the onion to be seen in the pie section when served), over which the minced meat is added. . Sprinkle with salt and mix again. Transfer the filling back to the wok pan, put the lid on and let it simmer well, stirring occasionally. When this composition is almost ready (the meat is cooked / hardened), add the sprouts and leave for a few minutes. Then add the green onions and finally the parsley. Leave it on the fire for a few more seconds, stirring lightly, then take the pan and let it cool.

The composition should not be hot when adding the eggs. After it cools, lay 2-3 eggs (depending on the size of the eggs and the consistency of the composition). Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Place a parchment paper in the oven tray, then divide the dough in two and spread the first sheet on the bottom of the tray, letting the dough spill over the edges of the tray.

Place the composition in the tray, close to the level of the edges of the tray, covering all the gaps formed and leveling the filling. Grease the remaining edges of the dough with a brush dipped in water or beaten egg. Spread the remaining piece of coca so that it is larger than the tray and cover the filling. Take a fork and press the dough sheet from above over the one below, on the edge of the tray, so that the two sheets intertwine, thus sticking to each other. With a kitchen scissors, cut the remaining edges of the dough around and arrange the pie nicely in the tray. Prick with a fork the pie from place to place, then grease with a beaten egg. Put the tray in the oven at about 160 degrees and be careful not to swell. If this happens, lower the temperature a bit.

Parmesan sauce: In a kettle, boil 200 ml of milk with a quarter packet of butter. 50 ml of milk is mixed with a tablespoon of cornstarch. Add salt to taste. Then add it over the milk from the kettle, stirring constantly so that no lumps form. Add Parmesan cheese so that the sauce has a fairly pronounced taste of Parmesan cheese at the end and mix again until the Parmesan cheese is well incorporated. In a few minutes, take the sauce off the heat and strain it.

Parsley sauce: put in the blender 2-3 bundles of parsley (leaves only), with a little sweet cream and a pinch of salt. Blend everything until you get the right consistency and flavor. Meanwhile, the pie should be browned. Remove from the pan and allow to cool slightly. Then put on it a cotton towel moistened in cold water and press a little with your palms, so that if the top sheet has swelled a little, it will stick to the composition and become compact. When the pie is slightly cooled, cut and arrange on plates two slices for each portion. Garnish with Parmesan sauce and parsley. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper with a strong aroma on the edge of the plate.

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Chicken and vegetable pie, recipe served at the Oscars

One of the dishes served at the celebrities' banquet was a chicken pie with vegetables, hot and juicy, chicken pot pie.

In the US, pies like this are made with puff pastry to have a fluffy crust. We present a simpler recipe, but you can see the recipe of the famous chef Wolfgang Puck, here:


For the dough

For the filling

  • 500 g chicken breast
  • 2 red potatoes
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 250 ml cream
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 100 g of cheese
  • 4 cucumbers
  • 3 small onions
  • 50 ml white wine
  • 4-5 tablespoons breadcrumbs
    2 tablespoons butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper.

Method of preparation

Sift the flour on the board, make a hole in the middle of it, add the butter, a pinch of salt and mix until you get a sandy dough. Add a little cold water and knead vigorously until a homogeneous, elastic and fluffy dough is formed, which you leave in the fridge for 30 minutes. Saute the onion cut into quarters in oil mixed with two tablespoons of water, over low heat. Add the diced potatoes (wash well and do not peel), the diced chest and continue to harden for another 2-3 minutes.

Then add the wine, chopped cucumbers, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to the boil until the meat penetrates well and the liquid decreases. Allow to cool and mix everything with the cream, flour and grated cheese. You spread out two sheets. With one you wallpaper the shape of the pie, with walls all over. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs, then pour the filling and cover with the second sheet. Grease the top with melted butter and put the pie in the oven for about 45 minutes, until it browns nicely on top. Serve hot or cold.

First of all, prepare the dough:

Put flour and chives in a bowl. Add the diced cold butter and mix with your fingertips until you get some crumbs. Add the cheese and continue to mix. In another bowl, mix eggs with 5 tablespoons of sour cream. Add the egg mixture over the flour, a little at a time, stirring with a fork until the dough binds. Add the other tablespoon of sour cream if necessary. Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate.

Put the butter and oil together in a pan, over medium heat, add the chicken breast and sauté it until it changes color, it doesn't have to be cooked at all. Then take it out and put it aside in a bowl. Saute the carrots, celery and mushrooms in the same pan for 5 minutes. Remove the vegetables and set them aside, then add the chopped onion and peas to this bowl and mix.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the chicken and vegetable mixture in individual forms or in a large pot, greased with a little butter. Take the dough out of the fridge and spread it in a circle with a diameter slightly larger than the pot in which you put the chicken.

Place the lid on top of the bowl and press firmly with your fingers on the edge. Cut the dough in excess and use your hands or fork to make a decorative border.

From the remaining edges you can cut different decorative shapes to place on top of the dough lid. Grease the dough with beaten egg, and make 3 notches with a knife in the middle of the lid.

Chicken pie with yogurt

This time I will present you with a recipe, namely Chicken plate with yogurt, a delicious appetizer. Ion Creang rightly said: Memories from childhood & # 259rie: & bdquoLa pl & # 259cinte & icircnainte, la r & # 259zboi & icircnapoi & bdquo, cit & acircnd un proverb rom & acircnesc.
Who doesn't want to eat a plate of apples, sweet apples, raisins, vegetables, meat, etc.? Nowadays, there is a wide variety of recipe plates for various types of fillings. We, the housewives, are helped in their preparation by having the possibility to buy from the trade the sheet of plinth. But the best is the one prepared at home.

Photo: Pl & # 259cint & # 259 chicken with yogurt & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 kg upper chicken legs, without bone
500 g natural yogurt
2 sprigs of green onion
1 leg & # 259tur & # 259 green garlic
150 ml white wine
50 ml oil
50 g butter
3 or & # 259
1 tablespoon starch
2 bundles of green parsley
1 packet (400 g) puff pastry
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Cut the chicken legs into 1 cm cubes, wash them and remove the skins. Peel the onion and garlic and cut them into small pieces. & Icircn & # 259bu & # 537i carnea & icircn ulei & # 537i unt, mestec & acircnd periodica & # 537i picur & acircnd c & acircte pu & # 539in vin alb. When the pieces have penetrated, sprinkle them with salt and spices and take them out in a bowl to cool.
& Icircn gr & # 259simea r & # 259mas & # 259, c & # 259le & # 537ti onion & # 537i garlic no more than 1 minute. Mix the meat and the cooked vegetables. Mix the yogurt with the starch, 2 beaten eggs and the parsley.
Cover the base with a dough and a wall of a tray of about 20 cm or 30 cm or a square tray of 20 cm. Sprinkle the meat & vegetables evenly and cover with the yogurt mixture. Decorate as more aesthetically pleasing, with slices of dough, which you grease with the leftover egg.
Cook on low heat over medium heat in a preheated oven for about 1/2 hour. You slice it after what has been said.

Preparation: 30 min. Baking: 30 min.
Re & # 539et & # 259 by & # 536tefania Ardriana Dumitru, Nedelea, Prahova County

Chicken pie

Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the leeks, large chopped celery, thicker sliced ​​carrots and potatoes. Fry the vegetables, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. Incorporate the sliced ​​mushrooms and cook for another 5 minutes.

Add the flour, thyme, salt and mix, then add the soup-base. Increase the flame to medium to hot and cook everything for 2 minutes, mixing the composition. Add the chicken and peas. Transfer the mixture to a 23 cm diameter pie dish. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, heat the oven to 200 ° C. Spread the dough on a flat surface. Beat the egg with the milk and grease the dough with this mixture. Place the sheet, with the greased side down, over the ingredients in the pie bowl. Cut the edges of the dough sheet, if it hangs, press with the teeth of a fork on the circumference, to obtain a decorative pattern. Grease the top with the rest of the egg mixture. Make four 2.5 cm splits in the center of the dough to allow the steam to come out.

Place the pie in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the filling has heated up and the dough has turned golden. Remove the food and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.

Lamb pie

1. The organs (liver, heart, kidneys, tongue) are washed very well and put in cold water with vinegar for 30 minutes. Then, the water is thrown away and boiled for 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, mix the dough ingredients and knead a homogeneous dough that is divided into two sheets.

3. The boiled and cooled organs are cut into pieces and passed through the mincer together with the onion and greens. Then mix with beaten eggs and match the taste of salt and pepper.

4. Put a sheet of dough in the tray, distribute the filling evenly, put the second sheet, grease with egg yolk and bake for 40 minutes.

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23 Recipes for chicken pot pie for a meal Tasty recipes

Salado very popular in Brazil and Portugal, the pot pie has an unknown origin, but this brand is present in many parts of the world, with small changes in its preparation.

It is probably derived from Portuguese pastries, large savory pies with assorted fillings and dough made from a mixture of flour and fat, the famous "rotten" pasta.

Easy to prepare, this versatile dish allows for wide range of fillings and can be used with meat, fish and chicken, and choices made with a mixture of vegetables and even sweets.

One of the most famous fillings of this dish is chicken, accompanied by assorted sauces, vegetables and vegetables, well seasoned, pleasing to the most demanding snacks.

The ideal choice for a unique lunch, a lighter dinner or for those moments when you want to taste another snack, the pot has the ideal combination of carbohydrates and proteins, guaranteeing energy and a lot of taste. Check out a selection of delicious recipes for chicken pot pie and choose your favorite:

Simple Pie 1. Chicken Pot Pie Base: This recipe, the author uses vegetable fat at the table, providing a greater crunchiness. For the tasty filling, minced chicken, creamy milk, tomatoes and chopped palm heart. The secret to giving the meal point is the gradual addition of ice water. This will ensure that it does not get dirty or sticky.

2. Quick entry of chicken: this dough has easy and quick preparation. For pasta, the traditional "rotten" option has been replaced with a variant of salted pie, which takes prepared eggs, flour, milk, baking powder and butter. As a chosen filling, chicken and chopped cream, accompanied by a lot of spices.

3. Delicate chicken Empadão: For a softer dough, this recipe brings cream with buttermilk, butter, yeast, salt and wheat flour. As a good option for reusing leftovers, the author uses the remains of fried chicken, chopping and blowing with cream, tomato sauce and other spices. Yummy!

4. Healthy chicken Empadão: healthy and fit recipe, the difference of this meal is in the use of chickpeas in cooking to prepare. Simply cook them under the pressure cooker for about an hour, dry them and take them to the mixer, beating them next to the olive oil. Then you need to take the dough to freeze before handling it.

5. Creamy chicken breast: To add the flavor of the chopped chicken, leave it in the butter, along with the onion and garlic. Chicken soup and coloring also guarantees a more appetizing filling, in addition to using the curd to give cream to the filling.

6. Catupiry chicken entree: do you want a tastier pasta? So this is a good option for you! He wears mozzarella in his preparation, which guarantees a creamier meal. The filling is made with chicken, tomatoes, green corn, olives and catupiry, leaving it with a unique flavor.

7. Chicken salad with curd: use curd instead of mashing or cream, it is the ideal way for those looking to add flavor and cream to the filling. To complete it, add homemade tomato sauce and taste a massive effigy.

Prepared salad

8. Chicken salad with palm heart: Do you like a more elaborate filling with a larger number of ingredients? Here, in addition to the chopped chicken and tomato sauce, chopped palm hearts, green corn, chopped tomatoes, peppers and carrots were added. An explosion of colors and flavors!

9. Chicken with bacon: again, the vegetable fat is chosen to prepare the dough, ensuring a crispy and fragile dough, which disappears in the mouth with each bite. For the filling, the chopped bacon accompanies the chopped chicken, along with green corn and red peppers.

10. Chicken chicken: the ideal recipe for a special occasion, here the inspiration is a traditional French recipe, coq-au-vin. To soften the taste of wine, add sour cream, and to make it even tastier, add the mushrooms and carrots to their contents.

11. Chicken Pie with cream cheese: looking for a softer filling, but no less creamy, traditional cream cheese has been replaced with cream cheese, accompanied by tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes and fresh basil, resulting in a version aromatic of this dish.

12. Sesame chicken entrees: pasta made with a blender, which tries to speed up the preparation of the plates. Here, sesame appears in two moments: in the form of flour, enriching the nutrients of the dough and in its original form, sprinkled on the plate, leaving it more beautiful and crispy.

13. Puree chicken pie with puree: an unusual version that does not use the traditional pie mass, but a delicious mashed potatoes prepared with milk, butter, pepper and carrots, adding flavor. The filling is traditional, using tomato paste to make it more creamy.

14. Chicken with béchamel sauce: For dough, buttered butter, flour and ice water, to give an ideal place. And for the filling, replacing the function of cream cheese to bring creamy, this recipe uses bechamel sauce, made with butter, milk, flour, nutmeg, salt and black pepper. Delicious!

15. Chicken and pea pie: easier, impossible! With a few ingredients, this delicious pot pie needs peas to accompany the chopped chicken in the filling. This vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, being a good source of protein and fiber.

16. Chicken and carrot pie: differentiated version, use pastry as the base of the pie. Like the filling, chopped carrots, chopped chicken and a delicious herbal sauce made with sour cream and white wine.

17 chicken pot pie, cream corn and curd: the differential this recipe is to its filling, which in addition to taking the leftovers of shredded chicken steak earns olives, corn and cream delicious corn. As a whole, dough dough, cream of corn, raisins and ends with curd. It is light, super creamy and full of flavor!

Pie with

creative table 18. Pastry pie: this unusual recipe, the traditional pie dough is the base of the pie, while the top is covered with puff pastry, leaving it even clearer and tastier. When filling, basil, chicken stock, nutmeg and cinnamon leave the taste of minced chicken more emphasized.

19. Chicken sandwich with ricotta pasta: For a lighter cheese, ricotta is with eggs, butter and wheat flour. Already for the filling: chopped chicken, green corn, green and red peas and peppers. All very simple and practical in preparation.

20 chicken pot pie with chickpea meal: without using wheat flour, this dough is gluten-free and prepared only with oil-boiled cereal and shake the nozzles and cooking chicken soup. For the filling, don't forget to add cream cheese or cheese to keep the cream.

21. Chicken salad with spicy pasta: how about adding flavor to the mass of this pie? Here the author opts for the use of chimichurri, a spice base of parsley, garlic, onion, thyme, oregano, red ground pepper, pepper, bay leaf, black pepper kingdom, mustard powder, celery, vinegar and olive oil, widely used for prepare barbecue and season the most varied dishes. Try!

gluten 22. Chicken skin and lactose: here, instead of using flour in the preparation of the dough, the author replaces this ingredient with a gluten-free mixture, including rice flour, potato starch flour and sweets. Because this is a fragile dough, the tip is to open it on a piece of paper or in a whey, avoiding breaking it during handling.

23. Chicken, lactose, soy and eggs: this is a recipe made especially for intolerance or allergy, but also for vegans. Instead of regular milk, rice milk is used, an alternative that is easy to find or prepare at home. The egg is replaced with flax gel, prepared with flax seeds, crushed in water, until it reaches the consistency of the gel.

Versatile chicken is a dish that allows you to prepare variations both in your dough and in adding or removing ingredients to the filling, allowing you to choose your favorite ingredients to accompany the meat. The advice is to add a creamy accompaniment, making the filling tastier and tastier. Choose your favorite recipe and get to work!

What spices do we use for this Indian-style butter chicken?

Because I don't have access to the spices the Indians use, I used to spice mix for chickens Delicate 100% natural and chilli powder from the same range. I like these spices because they are natural, do not contain anything chemical and give a rich taste to poultry dishes. They are also perfect for butter chicken because I got a taste very close to that of Austria. Because I didn't want to have a heavy preparation, I put only 3 tablespoons of butter and used sour cream for lean cooking. You can put even more fat, if you want, but there is no need.

Be sure to use enough ginger and enough garlic. They give a wonderful taste to the dish and make it irresistible. I served this wonderful butter chicken with basmati rice that I boiled in a lot of water, like pasta. This way it stays grain by grain and does not stick. It is important not to boil it too much, but to be slightly lean. You can also try my recipe fish meatballs, prepared with the help of 100% natural spices from Delikat. It is healthy, fragrant and very easy to prepare. They are cooked in the oven, so there is no need to fry them in an oil bath, and the taste is wonderful.


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