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Watch: Before There was ‘Flavortown,’ Guy Fieri Sold Mufflers for Flowmaster

Watch: Before There was ‘Flavortown,’ Guy Fieri Sold Mufflers for Flowmaster

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An earnest Guy Fieri endorses the all-American muffler from Flowmaster

Before he became a Food Network star, Guy Fieri was all about Flowmaster mufflers and exhaust pipes.

A long time ago, before his Times Square restaurant became one of the most lucrative restaurants in the United States — and before his countenance was imagined with the surreal addition of Tom Cruise’s hair — Guy Fieri peddled mufflers and exhaust pipes for Flowmaster, a maker of performance exhaust systems and exhaust accesories. And yes, there's video footage.

Courtesy of Carbuzz, we discovered that a younger and more subdued version of Fieri was once the earnest spokesperson for the “extreme durability, maximum horsepower, and torque” of Flowmaster.

Even before he had a platform to use his enthusiasm to endorse Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy had already mastered the art of staring straight into the camera and into your soul.

For a glimpse into the Fieri persona before his Food Network fame taught him how to capitalize on his social media influence, read Guy Fieri’s earliest tweets, in which he begs your indulgence as he is “not a T wizard, tryin to get da bberry rollin.”

Watch Fieri’s pre-Food Network encounters with the camera below:

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.


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