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Vegetable pie and chicken breast

Vegetable pie and chicken breast

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First we thaw the puff pastry.

Drain and chop the mushrooms, then put them in oil in oil together with the chopped onion scales and the finely cleaned and chopped garlic.

Season with spices and salt and cover to simmer well. Let them simmer for a few minutes and chew from time to time, then add the sliced ​​chicken breast and the baked pepper cut so directly frozen, mix a few times then turn off the heat and put everything in a sieve to drain.

When they cool, add the chopped dill (I also put them from the freezer), then the grated cheese, the egg and mix.

We cover the tart form with the first sheet of dough, we put the composition in it and we fold the corners.

The second sheet is cut into strips that we twist and place on top.

Bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Good appetite!