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Banana muffins, candied orange and choco cream

Banana muffins, candied orange and choco cream

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I've been thinking of making muffins for a long time, but I always found something else to do. As I arrived a little earlier from work last night, I put on some muffins.
They came out fluffy, tasty and were made quickly.

  • 3 eggs
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 75 ml oil
  • 230 gr flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2 tablespoons candied orange peel
  • 1 banana cut into small cubes
  • chocolate cream

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Muffins with bananas, candied orange and choco cream:

I put whole eggs in the robot, along with the sugar; I left them to "beat" for about 3 minutes, then I added the oil in a thin thread. I mixed the flour with the baking powder and I added it to the egg composition, mixing lightly. I put the vanilla essence, orange peel and bananas and I mixed lightly.

I put the papers in the muffin tins, then about half the composition; I put half a teaspoon of chocolate cream, then I added more composition; to have held almost three-quarters in shape. I put it in the oven for about 25 minutes.

I powdered them here and there with a little powdered sugar and that's it!

Welcome to muffins ... I go great with morning coffee!

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candied shells and bananas can be replaced with whatever comes to mind: jam, fruit, chocolate chips, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Chocolate chessecake

-2 packets of cinnamon biscuits from Lidl
90 gr butter
450 gr creamy cottage cheese
3 eggs
150 gr sugar
100 ml cream 30%
100gr chocolate 50%

Method of preparation
Crush the biscuits in a food processor or in a towel using a whisk, then mix with the melted butter. Put the composition in the tray 20 cm in diameter or 18, wallpaper and bake for 7 minutes at 180 C.

Meanwhile, bet the cheese with the sugar. Then put the eggs one by one. Pour the composition over the biscuits and bake for 40 minutes.

Bring the cream to the boil then mix with the broken chocolate pieces.

Over the cooled chessecake (I prefer to cool it in the oven, so I'm sure no one cares about it)) then make the icing and pour it over. Leave in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

Peppers stuffed with meat

-1 kg of minced meat mixture (500 gr pork and 500 gr beef) but you can use whatever meat you like
-200 gr rice (one cup)
-2 onions
- 1 carrot
- 1 zucchini (optional, I put it in summer)
- 1 dill connection
-1 parsley link
-salt about 1 teaspoon
- Thyme, not mandatory but I like 400 tomato juice

Method of preparation
Peel a squash, grate it and set aside. (of course they were previously washed like the other vegetables)

Finely chop the onion and the carrot is given through the small grater (if you put the zucchini, it is also through the grater)

The rice is washed in several waters and left to swell.

Mix the meat with onion, carrot, parsley and chopped dill, drained rice plus 100 ml of water, salt, pepper a tablespoon of broth and leave a little.

Fill the peppers with meat and place in a pot with your mouth up. Pour the tomato juice, 100 ml of salt water and thyme

Cover the pot and put it in the oven for an hour at 180 C until the meat is ready.

Serve with yogurt, cream.
Good appetite!

Candied orange peel

Ever since I made them with panettone for Christmas, I have fallen in love with candied orange peel. The difference was that then I bought it ready, in the meantime I got a recipe so I could prepare it myself and have it at hand whenever I need (or crave.). What can I say, it does not feel the bitterness of orange peels, just the unmistakable aroma.

N e c e s a r e:
170g orange peel
180g old.

P r e p a r a r e:
I peeled the oranges, and I kept the shells in the water, in the fridge for about 3-4 days, changing the water every day. I took the shells out of the water and cut them into cubes.

I mixed them with the sugar, which in principle must be in equal amounts with the orange peels. I put a little more to have a total of 350 g of candied shell. I left them in the fridge until the next day.

I put the sugar peels in the jar in which I kept them, I closed the lid and boiled it, like compote. I also put a teaspoon tail under the jar, so that no vacuum is created and it cracks. I boiled for about 30 minutes, after which I let the jar cool for about two days, between the beds.

It keeps very well and can be used for cakes and pies successfully!

Weather in Cassata Siciliana

Rarely so I decorate my cakes & # 8230 But when I have to, I have to conform. A real Sicilian cassata is decorated in baroque style, with many details and a lot of care. As long as you keep us patient & # 8230

Sicilian cassata is a traditional dessert in Sicily, made of pandispan, marzipan and a cream of ricotta cheese mixed with pieces of chocolate, candied orange peel or other candied fruit, pistachios. Decorate with candied fruit. For the cream, Ricotta cheese is used (I don't know, but I understood that it is the equivalent of urda in our country) from sheep's milk, but I only found it in cow's milk. The edges of the cassata are made of marzipan, ideally a marzipan with pistachios, which will give it a green color. You can also use green food coloring to color the marzipan. I glued over the chopped pistachio marzipan.

There is also a special form for preparing the cassata, round, about 5 cm high, and with slightly flared edges. I didn't have a tart shape.

Initially, cassata was a dessert that is eaten during the Easter holidays, now it is served throughout the year.

My conclusion: it is an interesting cake through the combination of flavors, but also very sweet. It's not hard to do, but there's a lot of work to be done on it.

For a cassata assembled in a round shape with a diameter of 28 cm and a height of 4 cm, we need:

  • 6 large eggs (I laid 7 small ones)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 150g flour
  • 120g old cough
  • grated half orange peel
  • a teaspoon of vanilla extract (or vanilla sugar)

For syrup:

  • 100 ml water
  • 70g old cough
  • 3 tablespoons orange liqueur (I put Triple Sec)
  • 750g ricotta cheese
  • 250g old powder
  • 60g chopped dark chocolate (or more, to taste)
  • 50g candied orange peel (I made it at home according to the recipe here)
  • 30g pistachio (optional)
  • a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon

How I did:

[obi_random_banners align = & # 8221center & # 8221 screen = & # 8221single & # 8221]
The night before I made the cake, I put the cheese Ricotta In a strainer, I covered it with cling film and left it in the fridge overnight. Quite a lot of whey has leaked from it, so I advise you not to skip this step.

The next day I did it first sponge Cake. It can also be made the night before, but don't forget to wrap it in a towel and put it in a bag after it has cooled completely to room temperature.

I heated the oven to medium heat (180ºC) and greased with butter and lined with flour a cake shape with a diameter of 23 cm.

In a small bowl I mixed the sugar well with the grated orange peel (I had the grated orange peel in the freezer, it is kept very well wrapped in foil and then put in a plastic box).

In a large bowl I beat the egg whites hard with a pinch of salt. I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and orange flavored sugar in 3 batches, continuing to mix until I got a strong and glossy meringue. The egg whites must be beaten very well to make the pandispan grow nicely. I then added the yolks and lightly incorporated them with the silicone spatula, then the sifted flour, which I incorporated just as easily by inverting movements from the bottom up. I poured the composition in the prepared tray and put it in the oven heated to medium heat (180ºC). I baked for 35 minutes, until it passed the toothpick test (a toothpick inserted in the countertop, comes out clean, without traces of uncooked dough). The oven does not open for 20 minutes. After 30 minutes it is good to try it because it may be baked. Each oven bakes differently.

I immediately took the pandispan out of the pan and let it cool on a grill.

Until I turned off the oven, I put the 30g pistachios in a tray and baked them for 5 minutes.

I finely chopped the chocolate and candied orange peel, then I chopped the baked pistachios.

For cream, I passed the Ricotta cheese through a fine sieve, then I mixed it with the powdered sugar. I added the vanilla and cinnamon extract, then the chocolate, orange peel and pistachio and incorporated them. I set the cream aside.

For syrup I boiled the water with the sugar for 2 minutes, stirring in it until the sugar melted, then I cooled it and added the liqueur.

I prepared the tray for Assembly. I greased a 28cm diameter tart pan with a little oil, then lined it with cling film. The role of the oil is to glue the foil, making it easier to apply.

I sprinkled powdered sugar on the worktop and on the piece of marzipan and with the help of a twister I made a marzipan strip as long as the circumference of the tray and 4 cm wide (as high as the tray). I made it in 2 pieces. The thickness of the marzipan strip should be 4-5 mm. I lined the edge of the tray with this strip of marzipan.

I cut the cold countertop into slices about 1cm thick and I wallpapered the base of the tray with these slices. I stuffed them well in each other so that there were no empty spaces. Then I syruped them with about 2/3 of the syrup. I poured the cream on top and leveled it. Over the cream I arranged another layer of countertop slices, which I syruped with the remaining syrup. I covered it with plastic wrap and put the tray in the fridge for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, I removed the foil, put a plate on top of the tray and overturned the cassette on the plate.

I did white glaze, mixing the powdered sugar with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and I poured it on top of the cassata, leveling it with a spatula.

I cleaned pistachios of the skin that covers it. For this, I boiled the water in a saucepan and, when it started to boil, I stopped the fire and put the pistachios in it. I left it for a minute, then I strained it and cleaned it by hand (it cleans very easily). By scalding, the pistachio intensifies its green color and I needed a color as intense as possible. I then finely chopped the cleaned pistachios.

I moistened the marzipan on the edge of the cassette with a water brush and glued the chopped pistachios on it.

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Vanilla Cream Rolls Vanilla Cream Rolls posted by Recipes in Pictures, in Cakes, on August 31, 201 Vanilla pudding in a glass is a quick recipe, which is prepared in maximum 30 minutes with everything placed in glasses or bowls and It is made at home from milk, yolks, flour and vanilla, with the addition of fresh fruit or compote and whipped cream. Tosca cake recipe, a great dessert, extraordinarily tasty and full of taste. The meringue and poppy top, the fine vanilla cream, the syrupy biscuits and the delicious chocolate icing make Tosca a delight in all its power. A really special and appetizing cake Vanilla cream for cakes, cakes - pastry cream - creme patissiere (pasticcera) universal. That is, boiled vanilla pudding or cream for creams (cremes), eclairs, fruit cakes or tarts (from yolks, sugar, milk and flour)

The recipe for vanilla cream rolls or vanilla cream tubes has been requested many times by you. I received both public and private messages asking for this recipe. And because it was cool outside and I was able to work with the puff pastry, I had no excuse not to do it. Find images with Strawberries. Free for commercial use No assignments required No royalties. Mix carefully from bottom to top so as not to leave foam. Finally add the walnuts little by little. Grease a round tray (diameter 20 cm) with butter and cover it. The vanilla cake top recipe is indispensable for anyone who wants to make a delicious cake at home. I simply hate commercial cake tops, they are dry, they have an artificial taste and I don't like the texture either. So I do not advise you to buy such a countertop but rather watch how to make the cake top with vanilla, easy and with very good results

Culinary recipes in images from Romanian and International Cuisine. Food recipes, homemade cake recipes, appetizer recipes, traditional recipes Preparation Vanilla cream cake: Top: Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar and mix until you get a glossy foam, which makes cakes when we remove the blades from the mixer. Lightly incorporate flour mixed with ground walnuts and baking powder, lightly mixing with a spatula. Cream of vanilla it's a disaster. I tell you honestly, it's hard for me to believe that from the given ingredients, the consistency we see in the pictures came out. Either add starch or subtract from the amount of milk. For the chocolate ganache I doubled the quantities and I still didn't have enough Click on the product to see the enlarged image. About edible images on ICING (sugar sheet): It is recommended to mount the image on the cake with

3 hours before serving. ICING prints are ideal for decorating cakes / cookies / gingerbread, etc. Apply on a straight and smooth surface and stick with butter cream (rub

Some time ago I wrote the Cremsnit Sheet Recipe, so it's time to post the home-made Cremsnit Cream Recipe. Commercial cream has a neutral taste like all today's cakes sold in confectioneries and for these reasons I prefer to prepare both the sheets and the Cremsnit cream. Nothing compares to a good homemade cake. The recipe for this cake has been in our food pages for a long time and, from time to time, it is required to be prepared and enjoyed with the greatest lust Look for images with vanilla. Note: The search displays in addition to the pictures that have associated this tag and the photos that have this keyword in the name. Leave to cool and add the eggs one by one, stirring constantly until they are all incorporated. Pour them with a spatula on baking paper. Bake over high heat (position 1 in the gas oven) for the first 13-14 minutes. after which the fire is ignited for 5-6 minutes.

The vanilla cream cake has two options. A cream based on yolks processed on a steam bath and one based on vanilla pudding in an envelope. Choose the one you want, I preferred the one with the pudding, I have nothing against using one sachet, twice a year The recipe for the cake without baking with biscuits and vanilla cream won me over from the first sip! I really like homemade vanilla cream, velvety and super fragrant and I really think that this cake highlighted its taste even more Vanilla and blueberry cake is the perfect cake for summer, a very fragrant and special sweet-sour combination. We have a moist countertop, which does not need syrup, full of sweet-sour blueberries and flavored with a lot of lemon peel. Then a fine and quick vanilla cream with a taste of classic childhood ice cream Cake with berries 17 recipes: Cake with finetti cream and berry mousse, Cake with berries, Almond cake with chocolate truffles and berries forest, Cake with berries, Cake with berries and vanilla cream, Cake ..

Vanilla pudding in the glass - Recipe blog - Gina Brade

  1. Homemade cakes for festive meals, recipes tested and explained in pictures. I chose 40 homemade cake recipes, delicious, good-looking and that can be prepared without difficulty. Delight your loved ones with homemade cakes! Give joy! Amandine. Snow White Cake. Cake with leaves and sugar cream would
  2. How to choose vanilla extract. If you are trying to choose vanilla extract, but are not sure where to start, there are a few simple things to look for to make sure you choose a quality bottle. Always choose pure vanilla extract.
  3. The vanilla cream for cakes and cakes that I show you today is by far my favorite. Yes, it is a butter-based cream, so we must use a very good quality butter, 82% fat and as fresh as possible, because an old butter gets a ranced smell that can ruin the whole cream.
  4. i fruit tarts and vanilla cream! This year we enjoyed the currant bushes, which were filled with red and black berries and we said to use them in this recipe
  5. united! So good that I made a double portion I used some of it for today's cake, I'm going to show you another delicacy in the coming days

Famous cake recipes. In this category two famous cakes were almost equal, the Sacher cake created by Franz Sacher and the Dobos cake created by József C. Dobos. Although the Dobos Cake recipe is famous and the cake is super delicious, it seems that the Sacher cake came first due to simplicity of preparation and last but not least, the combination of dark chocolate and. Cut the butter into cubes and add it towards the end, then add the vanilla essence. For a fresh aroma, grate the peel of a lemon and sprinkle it on top, then mix everything well. After both the rolls and the cream have cooled, you can proceed to the next step. Use a pos to fill the rolls with vanilla cream recipes with everything for everyone, including fasting. An entire section designed to prepare homemade sweets, which helps you easily choose a birthday cake or cake with which you will pamper your guests.

Tosca cake with vanilla cream and poppy seeds

  • Page 1 of 4 - Pineapple and vanilla CAKE - posted in Recipes in pictures: I will post a cake that I make quite often and in the form of a cake. It also has a cream and a fruit and a little chocolate and whipped cream. and it's good. Today I put the version with pineapple as it is the most recent made and anyway for the apricot and strawberry one that I like I don't have any more pictures
  • Cream cake with fruit, a delicious cake, syrupy with a delicious vanilla syrup, with lots of cream and fruit .. The recipe is very simple and can be adapted to your own tastes, choose the fruit you like, you can put pieces of fruit and between countertops and choose a different flavor. I love vanilla and I think it fits very well in this combination, so I used it in abundance.
  • At the show I did it, with the quantities they had given there: - 4 egg yolks - 500 ml of milk - 160 grams of sugar - 70 grams of flour - an envelope of vanilla I know too well.
  • Download vanilla stock photos, royalty free images and illustrations from $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Register for free
  • Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cream cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail
  • Vanilla sarlota. Vladu Bucataru - Quick recipes with pictures Fast and international cuisine, explained for everyone to understand! Recipes with pictures! Vanilla Sarlota I have had this recipe for a long time and I do it with pleasure when I have a craving for something sweet that is prepared quickly. Images for themes created by hatman12

3 glasses of milk, 1/2 glass of sugar, 2 tablespoons starch, vanilla, lemon or orange peel Preparation: Boil the milk with sugar, mix the starch with cold milk and pour in boiling milk, stirring constantly. Allow to simmer for a few more minutes, stirring constantly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Preparation instructions. How to make Amandines Amandine recipe in pictures. Amandine step by step. Syrup Recipe - click here Countertop Preparation. Beat the egg whites with the sugar until you get a hard foam. Separately in a bowl, mix the yolks with salt, vanilla and oil. Mix the yolks lightly with the beaten egg whites and flour mixed with baking powder + cocoa. kitchen secrets, traditional Romanian food, Mediterranean, Asian, oriental specialties. Online culinary briefing It's not really vanilla! For those who want to get the smell of vanilla, I do not recommend this fragrance. It doesn't smell like vanilla, but milk and coconut, which makes me think it has masonry in it. It has nothing to do with vanilla. I used it to create perfumes and I noticed that, instead of bringing the unmistakable smell into the equation.

vanilla cake images Page 3 of 4. You may also be interested in: lemon cake, rafaelo powdered milk cake, simple biscuit cake. I made the apple cake and vanilla cream exactly to my taste. I chose to make a richer countertop with butter instead of a simple pandispan and I also chose to fry the apples in butter a bit before baking them together with the countertop. It turned out exactly what I wanted a delicious apple cake Guide: The RGB code (or RVA in Romanian) - expressed hexadecimal and decimal - indicates the three components (Red, Green, Blue) on a scale from 0 to 255 inclusive The RVA code is additive, forming white by the additive combination of the three colors Basic. The CMYK code (or CMGN in Romanian) indicates the four components (light blue-green = Cyan, red-purple = Magenta, Yellow.

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  1. Cupcakes with condensed milk and vanilla [Recipe in pictures] Morning with sun! Finally came Saturday and I prepared a recipe for you :). I made it last Saturday and the cupcakes are a sweet that I wanted to make for a long time.
  2. Vanilla cream and chocolate cake. This cake with vanilla cream and chocolate can be enriched at any time with the taste of berries added to the cream. If not, this fruit-free recipe is also excellent, and can be prepared at any time, not only on special occasions, especially since it is also very cool.
  3. Include Bourbon ground vanilla in smoothies, milkshakes and even plain yogurt to enjoy a warm and rich flavor. Cheesecake recipe with vanilla and protein easy to prepare. Ingredients • 1 cup of 100% whey protein

You will find the best free stock images for your vanilla query. Download all the photos and use them even for commercial projects. When it's cold, put vanilla cream on top: yolks, sugar, vanilla, flour and milk, boil on steam, until the composition thickens (chew all the time ) this composition is strained (not to have vanilla peel, in case it is used stick, or lumps of flour) then it is left to cool, chewing all the time Vanilla ice cream with chocolate icing Classic Magnum Algida: 300: 3.5: 19: 29: 0: 1 pc = 86 g + Vanilla ice cream with chocolate icing and Almond Almond Magnum Algida: 330: 5: 21: 30: 0: 1 pc = 86 g + Vanilla ice cream with chocolate icing Choco Sticks K-Classic: 302: 2.6: 22.5: 21.8: 0.9: 1 pc = 60 g + Vanilla ice cream with icing. Culinary recipes with guaranteed success! Homemade cake recipes, confectionery cakes or cakes without baking. Best food recipes Vanilla pudding pudding Darling: 373: 1.6: 0: 89.3: 0 + Dairy: Chocolate pudding with 30% vanilla pudding Paula Dr. Oetker: 116: 3.1: 3.9: 16.8: 0.5: 1 glass = 125 g + Note: All nutritional values ​​are calculated for a quantity of 100 g. Contribute: Add a food: Latest food added

Vanilla cream rolls - JamilaCuisin video recipe

  1. 27.03.2017 - Explore Luana-Maria Bujor’s board Vanilie, followed by 123 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Recipes, Cooking
  2. Gogonele Jam recipe with Vanilla Flavor from the Cookbook, Sweets. Specific Romania. How to make Vanilla Gogonele Jam. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and offers.
  3. Vector image of vanilla flowers. News bulletin. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new images for free
  4. iu Pret: 8000 RO
  5. in, yogurt, eat,
  6. Homemade muffin and cupcake recipes with natural ingredients: chocolate, fruit or yogurt muffins and cupcakes with surprising frostings

Over 4000 free images with Strawberries and Fruits - Pixaba

With chocolate or vanilla? With texts. 10.02.2015. Previous picture. Next picture. Add. picture. Add. bank. Buy. points. See funny images sorted by categories. Choose the image category below. Animals (1859) Army (177) Cars (748) Drunkards (75) Celebrities (271) Constructions (354) Children (415) With texts (869) Drawings (227) Illusions. Wash and peel the apples, then cut them into thin slices. Form roses out of them, as in the picture, then place them in the baking tray. When you have filled the whole form, pour the vanilla cream on top. Keep the tray in the oven at 170 ° C for 10-15 minutes, until the apples are lightly browned. Decorate with powdered cakes Homemade recipes, tasty, simple, quick. The most delicious homemade cakes. Cheesecake, brownies. Biscuit Cake, Mascarpone Cream This project deals with the Manufacture of Vanilla Ice Cream. Below you can see the contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 4 docx files of 33 pages (in total) .. Guiding teacher / Presented to the teacher: Dumitru Cristache We recommend you to take a good look at the extract , included on the images provided and if it is what you need for your documentation. Images Photos Vector graphics Yogurt Fruit Vanilla. 361 444 31. Desert Cupcakes. 269 ​​274 27. Cake Piece Of Cake. 279 301 61. Rinse.

Vanilla essence 25ml. Images for presentation! Coseli essences offer a unique experience through smell, color and solubility Easy and efficient to use both for sweets and cold drinks, as well as for the syrup and flavoring of confectionery and pastry products Find images with vanilla croissant. Note: The search will display, in addition to the pictures associated with this tag, the photos that have this keyword in the name Description Additional Images. Ingredients: Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods Description: 100% organic farming. 1 Bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar of the highest quality. Bourbon vanilla is characterized by its very high content of natural vanilla. The queen of spices offers unique flavors, a note. Superesenta Vanilla 20ml Superesenta Vanilie 20ml. Images for presentation! Superescents have a high concentration so the dosage is different from that of essences. The aromatizing power is 5 times greater than that of an essence. The aroma persists when baked and throughout the guarantee period of baking or cream (cake, pandispan, roll, cake.

Dessert cake recipe with walnuts and vanilla cream

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  • Obtained by maceration in a very fine and non-greasy emollient base (fractionated coconut oil) of vanilla pods, the oil has a light, very pleasant texture. It is easily absorbed by the skin, can be used simply or as an ingredient in creams, serums, lipsticks and other cosmetic preparations for skin care or makeup
  • Vanilla stick. Recipe Vanilla stick Ingredients: 260 sugar 250 g skimmed milk powder 100 ml water 60 g butter 35 g acacia honey 1 vanilla pod Make a syrup from water, sugar, honey and split vanilla pod Let it simmer
  • Vanilla cream cake - photo gallery. INGREDIENT. green beef mushrooms apples walnut bay pepper eggs brandy ro

Vanilla cake top - video recipe JamilaCuisin

  • Assembly - Vanilla cream and strawberry tart Remove the dough from the fridge, turn it over on the work surface powdered with flour and flatten it with the help of the powdered flour and flour. Spread the dough in a sheet of about 6-7 mm. It will grow in the oven, so the sheet should not be thick
  • Images for jamila cakes. Dessert Recipes Snacks Desserts Food Mascarpone Recipes. More information. Saved by drag0mir mirela. 73. Users also like these ideas · · · · · · · Pinterest. Connect. Register.
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Blackberry with vanilla cream. Prepare the cream first. The milk, together with the seeds extracted from the vanilla pod (cut lengthwise and chopped with a knife) is put on the fire. The yolks mix well with the sugar and starch. Pour in the hot milk. vigorously mixing with a pear-shaped target This project treats the Technology of Obtaining the Ecler Product with Vanilla Cream. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 doc file of 37 pages .. Guiding teacher / Presented to the Teacher: Ghalayini Malvina We recommend that you take a good look at the extract, contents and images provided and if it is what you need. Free photo: cornet, vanilla, cone, basket, cream, food, dear, waffle, container, cold, desserts & cakes, food & drink, basket, brown

Clothes don't make a man, but when it comes to torture, looks know how to betray the inside. The same goes for the Vanilla and Strawberry Cake from Charlotte Confectionery. We look forward to seeing it for the first time, and after tasting it, we happen to want another slice. The cake with vanilla cream and cherries is one of my favorites. It takes a long time to make, but the recipe is not complicated, and the result is delicious. Although it has sugar, the cake is homemade, without envelope powders, without artificial flavors, so it's a healthy dessert. Shops and prices - Colorado car air fresheners. (Scented sticks Colorado Forest Fruit Vanilla universal CH 0691). Bad Behavior has blocked 3356 access attempts in the last 7 days. has blocked 3356 access attempts in the last 7 days

Gluten-free Bourbon vanilla powder Biovegan. Click to enlarge: Price: 99,26 Lei Availability: In Stock: Quantity: Add to Cart. Description Additional Images. Ingredients: ground vanilla bourbon Description: 100% organic farming. Quantity: 15g. There are no additional images for this product. Associated Products :. The first images with Gigi Hadid pregnant a vanilla stick (necessarily because we make vanilla cream, not vanilla flavored cream), four tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of cornstarch or three tablespoons of flour. Rub the yolks with the sugar very well, until they double in volume. You can use a mixer. 3 bananas. 100 g nuts. Preparation: To start, put the walnut kernel and half of the sugar in a pan. To prevent it from burning, add a cube of butter. Allow to caramelize and then place on a piece of baking paper to cool. Se pune la fiert laptele cu vanilia

Aceasta Tarta cu aluat fraged, crema de vanilie si fructe, se poate face in orice anotimp, cu orice fel de fructe proaspete, fructe confiate - vedeti reteta, compot - vedeti retete de compot. Eu fac tarta aceasta cu aluat fraged cu unt - vedeti reteta sau cu aluat rapid pentru croissant - vedeti reteta Orhideea de vanilie sau vița de vanilie este o plantă cățărătoare, perenă, care poate atinge și înălțimea de 10 metri în natură. Însă cultivatorii o taie și o ajută să se ramifice pentru a produce mai multe flori și mai multe păstăi parfumate. Cum se îngrijește vanilia la ghivec Pasta aromatizanta vanilie, Flavour Paste Vanilla Bourbon. Pasta aromatizanta Vanilie de Bourbon, KonditoreiPaste este un preparat cu aroma de vanilie naturala pentru uz profesional marca Dreidoppel, calitate germana

Prajitura cu crema de vanilie - Dulciuri fel de fe

1 plic budincă de vanilie 150 g unt 1 lingură cacao. Pentru glazură. 2 tablete ciocolată neagră 2 tablete ciocolată albă 400 g unt. Pentru decor. ciocolată neagră şi albă rasă. Află pe cum se prepară prăjitura cu cremă de vanilie Pentru crema de vanilie:-1litru de lapte-4,5 oua (iar in functie de marime,eu am folosit 5 pentru ca erau micute )-8 linguri de zahar (cu varf )-8 linguri de amidon -4 linguri de zahar pentru albusuri-esenta de vanilie si un fir de sare. Imagini pentru teme create de kamisoka

1 pacheţel vanilie. Cremă de brânză: 1/2 kg brânză dulce de vaci. 1/2 pachet margarina cu arome. 2 gălbenuşuri. 1 pahar zahăr pudră. 1 budincă de vanilie. Mod de preparare pască poloneză. Ingredientele pentru aluat se amestecă cu mixerul şi se obţine o pastă groasă. Se unge o formă de tort, cu fundul detaşabil, se pudrează. Cu ajutorul unui posh cu dui cu vârf subțire, se umplu cojile de mini eclere, cu crema de vanilie. Pentru glazură, se încălzeșet frișca lichidă și se topește ciocolata ruptă, în ea. Se toarnă fierbinte peste minieclere, în strat subțire. Se dau mini eclerele la rece pentru cel puțin 30 de minute, înainte de a fi servite. Poftă.

O prăjitură cu un aspect așa cum ți-ai dori atunci când ai musafiri, extrem de simplu de făcut și destul de ieftină. Iată tot ce trebuie să faci ca să-ți iasă o prăjitură cu mac și cremă de vanilie extraordinară! Rețetă pentru prăjtură cu mac și cremă de vanilie Ai invitați la masă și nu [ .05.2020 - Explore Sineta Badoi's board Vanilie on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rețete prăjituri, Mâncare, Dulciuri Vector ilustrare de vanilie si ciocolata inghetata. Pictograma de culoare desen a trei linguriţe de îngheţată într-un cornet. Vector ilustrare de vanilie si ciocolata inghetata. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new free images


Se cumpara cateva batoane de vanilie, de la supermarket. Se despica in doua si se scot bobitele de vanilie cu varful unui cutit. Se pun intr-un borcan cu zahar si se lasa inchis timp de doua saptamani. Daca vrei sa faci esenta de vanilie naturala, se scufunda un baton de vanilie intr-o sticla cu bautura spirtoasa. Poate fi vodca, rom sau gin Încearcă acest tort savuros cu blat pufos de cacao și două creme delicioase de vanilie și ciocolată. Savurează-l alături de o cafea cu lapte sau de un cappuccino cu aromă de vanilie! *imagini cu titlu de prezentare. Similar products. Vanilla Cream Torturi cu blat Vanilie, Cum să faci legumele irezistibile pentru copii, 10 variante de mic dejun pornind de la iaurtul grecesc, 7 trucuri pentru a crea un smoothie sănătos, 4 modalități ciudate care te ajută să slăbești, Plăcintă cu dovleac şi nuci, Salată cu struguri şi vanilie Ingrediente. pentru blat: 7 albusuri, 200 gr zahar pudra, 250 gr faina, 1 lamaie pentru crema: 400 ml lapte, 4 linguri amidon, 2 oua, 5 linguri zahar, 5 linguri margarina, 1 baton vanilie, 200 gr visine congelate sau din compot Decor: frisc esenta vanilie 150g iaurt 3 oua mari 300g faina 1/2 plic praf de copt 50g fulgi de ciocolata PREPARARE: Untul se freaca impreuna cu zaharul si vanilia. Se amesteca impreuna cu iaurtul, apoi, pe rand, se adauga ouale. Separat, se amesteca faina cu praful de copt. Se incorporeaza faina in compozitia lichida, amestecand usor cu o lingura, de sus.

PRINT PE ICING (Pasta de zahar/ Fondant) Briose

Nu trebuie să fii maestră în arta culinară pentru a prepara această tartă cu cremă de vanilie, servită cu fructele tale preferate de vară. De ce ai nevoie pentru tartă. For the dough. 260 g făină. 30 g zahăr. 1 or. 95 g unt. cold water. Pentru cremă. 6 gălbenușuri. 100 g zahăr pudră. 250 ml lapte de cocos. 250 ml lapte. 4. Crema de vanilie este cea mai cunoscuta si apreciata de catre gospodine . Crema de vanilie este fina si aromata , ideala pentru. Aperitive aperitiv gustos, aperitiv rapid, aperitive simple, rosii umplute, aperitive in imagini, retete aperitive Supe, ciorbe,. Imagini Adiţionale (0) Produse Asociate (5) Frappe Monin - Vanilie - 2 KG. In STOC!-----Pudrele Monin au fost special create pentru a completa gama de produse Monin din ingrediente atent selectate ce satisfac cele mai inalte standarde Cartofi Carbonara - Numai așa vei face cartofii de acum înainte - Rețetă pas cu pas, în imagini. O rețetă gustoasă și simplă, perfectă pentru o cină în familie. Cu siguranță o va îndrăgi toată familia Ingrediente necesare: 1 kg cartofi 100 g cașcaval 1 lingură unt 150 g carne de curcan (sau altceva) 300 ml smântână. Pentru cremă, mixezi gălbenuşurile cu zahărul, apoi încorporezi făina. Dai laptele în clocot şi îl torni în fir subţire peste amestecul de mai sus. Pui vasul din nou pe foc, încorporezi esenţa de vanilie şi amesteci cu un tel până ce compoziţia începe să se îngroaşe

Reteta Crema Cremsnit - Bucataresele Vesel

abuz acasa amintiri din comunism amor analyze this bucureşti-regatul ca la școală carte carti carti pentru copii concurs conectare Coronavirus cuplu delicatese educatie cu blandete educatie sexuala evenimente bucuresti evenimente copii evenimente parinti fashion gradinita imagini nemuritoare joacă joc la joacă în străinătate lansare. - ingrediente - Pentu că ne plac checurile, dar și crema de ciocolată și crema de vanilie, le-am combinat într-o delicioasă și aspectuoasă rețetă: Prăjitura cu blat din checuri și creme de vanilie și ciocolată.. Iată ce ne trebuie pentru rețeta Prăjitura cu blat din checuri și creme de vanilie și ciocolată: Pentru 2 checuri Prăjitură cu cremă de vanilla, bună de te lingi pe degete Publicat pe 18.01.2015 la 16:12 Actualizat pe 28.02.2018 la 18:40 Dacă eşti în pană de idei, îţi recomandăm să încerci reţeta de prăjitură cu cremă de vanilla

Prajitura marmorata cu budinca

Prajitura marmorata cu budinca recipes: how to cook prajitura marmorata cu budinca si cele mai gustoase retete de prajitura cu kiwi si budinca, prajitura rasturnata cu mere si budinca, briose cu budinca, tarta cu fructe si budinca, budinca de gris cu portocale, budinca de chia cu banane, budinca de gris cu zahar ars, budinca de orez cu prune uscate, mini tarte cu budinca si fructe, budinca gris cu lapte si zahar ars.

Prajitura marmorata cu budinca

Dulciuri, Prajituri ingrediente blat: - 6 oua - 180 gr zahar - 50 ml ulei - 100 ml apa - 150 gr faina - 100 gr faina grisata (in cazul in care gasiti, daca nu, folositi tot faina alba) - 1 pliculet praf de copt - 2 linguri cacao ingrediente budinca: - 600 ml lapte.

Prajitura marmorata

200 ml ulei 200 g zahar pudra 100 ml lapte 300 g faina 2 linguri cacao 3 oua 1 lingurita praf de copt cateva picaturi esenta de vanilie 1 lingurita cafea ness miere pentru servit

Prajitura marmorata

Dulciuri, Prajituri 200 ml ulei 200 g zahar pudra 100 ml lapte 300 g faina 2 linguri cacao 3 oua 1 lingurita praf de copt cateva picaturi esenta de vanilie 1 lingurita cafea ness miere pentru servit

Prajitura marmorata cu cirese

Dulciuri, Prajituri 5 oua 250 gr zahar 100 ml ulei 250 gr iaurt natural 300 gr faina ( sau mai putina, in functie de cat de zemos este iaurtul) 1 praf de copt 2 pliculete zahar vanilat 1 lingura cu varf cacao 1 lingurita esenta de rom 500 gr cirese

Budinca asortata

Dulciuri, Budinca 1 plic budinca de cacao 1 plic budinca de vanilie 1 plic budinca de zmeura 9 linguri de zahar 750 ml lapte

Prajitura rasturnata cu mere si budinca

Scortisoara, Budinca, 6 oua 1 1/2 kg de mere 4 linguri zahar (sau dupa gust) 2 plicuri zahar vanilat scortisoara (dupa gust) blat: 6 oua 180 g faina 150 g zahar praf 4 linguri lapte coaja de lamaie 1/2 plic praf de copt un praf de sare budinca : 1 l lapte 3 plicuri budinca.

Prajitura Cu Piscoturi Si Crema De Cocos

Dulciuri, Prajituri 6 oua, 2 linguri cacao, 1 plic budinca de cocos, 15 piscoturi, 6 linguri faina, 6 linguri zahar, praf de copt. lapte pentru budinca

Prajitura marmorata cu mere si pere

Dulciuri, Torturi blat: * 4 oua * 12 linguri rase cu faina * 4 linguri rase smantana * 2 linguri ulei * 150 g zahar * 1 pachet praf de copt * 2 linguri cacao topping: * 3 mere * 1 para * 50 g unt * 100 g zahar crema: * 1 plic creme ole de vanilie * 250 ml lapte *.

Cuburi de budinca

Dulciuri, Budinca budinca: 2 plicuri de budinca cu gust de ciocolata 100 gr zahar 700 ml lapte esenta de rom ornamente: nuca de cocos cicolata rasa migdale cojite nuca alune bombonele decorative

Budinca cu Viermi pentru Halloween

Dulciuri, Budinca praf budinca ciocolata zahar lapte 500 ml biscuiti cu cacao viernisori jeleu

Prajitura marmorata cu ricotta, portocale si fulgi de ciocolata

Iaurt 250 g branza ricotta 4 oua 300 g faina 1 plic praf de copt 1 praf sare 3 linguri fulgi de ciocolata coaja rasa de la 1/2 portocala 2 linguri praf de cacao neagra 200 g zahar + 3 linguri zahar 100 ml ulei 100 g iaurt 50 g suc portocale 1/2.

Prajitura cu mere,biscuiti si budinca (fara coacere)

Stafide, Mere, Apa 1,8-2 kg mere 350 g biscuiti populari (40 bucati) 350 g zahar 4 plicuri budinca de vanilie 650 ml apa 150 g stafide o sticluta esenta de rom 1/2 lingurita scortisoara un praf de sare

Prajitura cu branza si mandarine

Dulciuri, Budinca 500 g brinza de vaci, 2 doze mici de mandarine, 2 mandarine proaspete(pentru coaja rasa,suc si decoratie), 2 pach. zahar vanilat, 2 plicuri budinca vanilie(dr.oetker), 160 g zahar, 1 vf.sare, 4 oua, 1 lingurita praf copt, piscoturi, cioco amaruie.

Desert cu budinca si biscuiti

Dulciuri, Budinca 340g budinca de ciocolata 226g crema de branza (cat mai fina) 80g unt 450g frisca lichida 2 pachete biscuiti cu cacao

Prăjitură ”Sex la tavă”

Prajituri cu crema, Prajituri de casa, Dulciuri 120 g unt 120 g făină 100 g nuci 1 plic budincă ciocolată 1 plic budincă vanilie 500 ml lapte 250 ml frișcă 120 g zahăr 250 g cremă de brânză sau mascarpone

Prajitura cu kiwi si budinca

Dulciuri, Prajituri 250 gr. unt,200 gr. zahar, sare (un varf de cutit), 4 oua, 375 gr. faina, 1 praf de copt, 100 gr. lapte dulce, 50 gr. ciocolata menaj, 700 gr. fructe kiwi, 1 budinca de kiwi (vanilie), 150 gr. vin alb, 50 gr. zahar, 250-300 gr. liquid cream

Prajitura Tiramisu

Dulciuri, Budinca 3 oua, 250 g frisca, 400g zahar pudra, 250 g branza mascarpone 2 pachete piscoturi, cafea cacao

Prajitura cu budinca si fructe Claudia

Praf de copt, Banane, Apa 1 budinca ciocolata 2 budinci vanilie 1 jeleu de capsuni pentru prajituri 1 praf pentru frisca 750 ml lapte 1 zahar vanilat 1 praf de copt 4 oua 4 linguri apa 2 banane 3 kiwi coapte 1 lingura cacao 1 lingura faina 12 linguri zahar

Prajitura de branza

Dulciuri, Prajituri 1 kg branza 3 galbenusuri 1 ou 100g zahar 2 linguri suc lamaie 200 ml lapte 2 plicuri budinca de vanilie(*) 100g coaja de lamaie sau portocala confiata (optional) 100g unt moale 6 albusuri 100g zahar praful de budinca(cele 2 plicuri) se poate.

Prajitura Ecler

Dulciuri, Prajituri 2 pachete biscuiti graham 170g budinca instant de vanilie 3 cani lapte 230g frisca 450g glazura de ciocolata

Prajitura Eclair

Prajituri, Dulciuri, Craciun 2 pachete biscuiti graham 85g budinca de vanilie instant 3 cani lapte 230g frisca 550g glazura de ciocolata

Prajitura Aurelia

Dulciuri, Prajituri 5-6 oua, 200g cocos, 350g zahar, 1 lingura zeama de lamaie/o lingurita otet, 1 lingura faina, 1 budinca vanilie, 350ml lapte, 1 pachet unt.

Budinca cu gust de caramel

Dulciuri, Budinca 0,5 l lapte 40 g praf de budinca cu gust de caramel 2 linguri zahar sare - dupa gust

Budinca De Banane

Dulciuri, Budinca 230g crema de branza 400ml lapte condensat 140g budinca de vanilie instant 3 cani lapte rece 1 lingurita esenta de vanilie 230g frisca 4 banane, felii 350g biscuiti cu vanilie

Prajitura cu crema de cafea si budinca de vanilie

Dulciuri, Prajituri blat 6 oua 30 ml apa 30 ml ulei 25 g cacao 3 linguri cafea macinata 6 linguri faina 1 lingurita praf de copt 8 linguri zahar crema 1 5 galbenusuri 250 g zahar 100 ml cafea concentrata 300 g unt crema 2 1 plic budinca vanilie 300 ml lapte 100 ml.

Prajitura mozaic

300g zahar 2 oua 5 linguri budinca ciocolata 3 linguri cappucino 200g unt 300g biscuiti simpli 200g rahat de fructe

Budinca De Branza

Aperitive, Budinca 30g unt 75g de paine proaspata 3 oua, separate 300ml lapte 1/2 lingurita mustar 115g cheddar, fin rasa

Prajitura Victoria, Cu Nuca

Dulciuri, Prajituri blat 1: 8 oua 8 linguri zahar 4 linguri faina 8 linguri nuca macinata 1 lingura cocos blat 2: 6 albusuri 10 linguri zahar 150 g nuca taiata cu cutitul 2 linguri faina crema: 6 galbenusuri 300 g zahar 500 ml lapte(100 in crema de oua,400 in.

Budinca de gris cu prune

Dulciuri, Budinca 1 l lapte 300g gris 5 oua 150g zahar 1 esenta vanilie 500g prune

Rice pudding with apples

Dulciuri, Budinca 1 kg lapte, 250 g orez, 3-4 mere, scortisoara, 3 plicuri zahar vaniliat, 2 lingurite mondamin.

Prajitura cu portocale

Dulciuri, Prajituri * blat: * 4 oua * 4 linguri faina * 4 linguri zahar * 2 linguri margarina topita * 2 linguri cacao * 10 g praf de copt * crema: * 1 plic budinca vanilie * 6 linguri zahar * 350 ml lapte * 50 g margarina * 10 g gelatina * 150 ml frisca * 150 g.

Tarta de visine cu budinca de vanilie

Gris un pachet de aluat de placinta, un plic de budinca de vanilie (sau de frisca ce va place), 500 ml de lapte 150 g de zahar pentru budinca, 150 g de zahar ptr visine, o cana de visine fara samburi, gris

Budinca de cereale

Dulciuri, Budinca faina de cereale (orz, ovaz, grau, mei) 1 mar 3-4 prune uscate nuci macinate scortisoara miere 50 g stafide sare

Prăjitură 7 minute în Rai

Prajituri cu ciocolata, Prajituri de casa, Prajituri pentru blat (prăjitura îngerilor): 150 g făină 12 albușuri de ou 150 g zahăr un praf de sare 1 linguriță praf de copt 2 lingurițe extract de vanilie pentru cremă: 2 pachete budincă de ciocolată instant lapte 750 ml frișcă lichidă 1 linguriță zahăr.

Desert rapid

Banane cind nu stiu ce sa fac(desert),fac o budinca rapida din praf de data aceasta am folosit un praf de budinca de cacao,cu aroma de banane. -8 linguri de praf de budinca(de cacao cu aroma de banane) -8 linguri de zahar -1,5 l lapte(eu am.

Budinca De Portocale

Budinca, Dulciuri 100g unt 200g zahar pudra 2 portocale - coaja rasa fin 4 oua 75g faina 150ml suc de portocale 500m lapte

Prajitura cu mac

Sweets, Cakes for foil: 150 gr. Butter, 125ml milk, 100gr sugar, 25gr yeast, 300gr flour, 1 egg, a little salt. poppy seed filling: 1 1/2 milk (a liter and a half), 125 gr butter, 150 gr sugar, 125 gr semolina (flour), 125 gr raisins, 250 gr poppy seeds (unground), 125 gr.

Turnata cu budinca de vanilie

Vanilie 5 oua 15 linguri zahar 15 linguri ulei 15 linguri lapte 2 pliculete praf de copt vanilie un praf sare faina 22 linguri 2 linguri cacao pt efect marmorat pentru budinca: 2 plicuri praf budinca din comert si 800 ml lapte 10 linguri zahar

Budinca de zmeura

Dulciuri, Budinca 300g zmeura 100g capsune 300ml frisca 250ml suc de fructe de padure 50g zahar pudra 30ml miere 1 plic gelatina.

Prajitura cu mere fara coacere

Mere 450 g biscuiti 6 mere 100 g zahat 2 plicuri budinca vanilie dr oetker 1 lingura scortisoara macinata 300 ml lapte 70 g unt de arahide 100 g nuca de cocos

Briose cu budinca de vanilie

Dulciuri, Prajituri pentru briose: 3 oua 120 gr iaurt 90 ml ulei 150 gr zahar 1 lingura cacao 130-140 gr faina 1 praf de copt 1 lingurita esenta de rom budinca: 1 plic budinca de vanilie 450 ml lapte 3 linguri zahar 1 lingura unt floricele din ciocolata pentru decor

Budinca De Ciocolata

Dulciuri, Budinca 1/2 cana de zahar 1/3 cana cacao 3 linguri amidon de porumb 2 cani lapte 2 lingurite esenta de vanilie

Prajitura Fara Coacere Cu Mere Si Biscuiti

Dulciuri, Prajituri 2kg mere 350g biscuiti 350g zahar 4 plicuri budinca de vanilie 650ml apa 150g stafide esenta de rom 1/2 lingurita scortisoara sare

Prajitura cu mere si budinca de vanilie

Dulciuri, Prajituri 1 kg mere 2 budinci de vanilie 600 ml apa 8 linguri de zahar 10 biscuiti petit 20 biscuiti bucaneve zmeura

Budinca crema de zahar ars la cuptor

Dulciuri, Budinca 8 oua 16 linguri de zahar un plic zahar vanilat 1 litru de lapte

Prajitura racoroasa cu mere

Albusuri, Mere 1.5 kg mere 4 plicuri praf budinca vanilie 3 pliculete zahar vanilat 12 linguri zahar margarina 1 l lapte 3-4 albusuri 4-5 linguri zahar pudra

Tort cu budinca, frisca si fructe

Dulciuri, Torturi 2 pachete piscoturi, 500 ml frisca, 1 budinca vanilie, 600 ml lapte, 2 gelatine, 1 compot ananas, 4 kiwi, 2 portocale, 1 banana, suc de lamaie, 200 gr zahar

Budinca Livada

Sweets, Pudding 300g apples 300g pears 300g plums 1 orange - juice 1 teaspoon quince jam 1 tablespoon sugar 150ml sweet red wine 1 cake top

Budinca simpla de orez cu mere

Dulciuri, Budinca 1 cana de orez, 3 cani de apa, 1/2 kg mere, zahar, unt, scortisoara.

Budinca Panettone

Dulciuri, Budinca 1 lingura unt 500g panettone, taiat in felii 75g fructe uscate, cum ar fi stafide si afine 2 oua, plus 6 galbenusuri 500ml lapte 375ml smantana 2 linguri de esenta de vanilie 55g zahar pudra


Briose cu mango si capsuni din: suc de mango, ou, miere, smantana, zahar, suc de mere, ulei, esenta de vanilie, apa, tarate de ovaz, faina, praf de copt, nuci, nuca de cocos, muesli, capsuni.


  • 1 1/4 cesti suc de mango
  • 1 or
  • 1/4 ceasca de miere
  • 1 cana smantana
  • 1/4 ceasca zahar
  • 1/4 ceasca suc de mere
  • 1/4 ceasca ulei
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2/3 cana de apa
  • 1 ceasca tarate de ovaz
  • 1 ceasca faina
  • 4 lingurite praf de copt
  • 1/4 ceasca nuci tocate
  • 1/4 ceasca de nuca de cocos marunțita
  • 2/3 ceașcă muesli
  • 2/3 cana capsuni tocate

Method of preparation:

Se incalzeste cuptorul la 200C. Combinati sucul de mango, oul, mierea, zaharul, sosul de mere, uleiul, esenta de vanilie și apa și amesteca bine. Se amesteca taratele de ovaz, faina, praful de copt, nucile, nuca de cocos, muesli intr-un castron mare.

Ingrediente Tort de absolvire cu crema diplomat si fructe de padure by Simona Callas

Blatul pentru carte

  • 450 g unt 60%
  • 450 g zahăr pudră
  • 450 g făină
  • 10 g baking powder
  • 9 ouă mari (55-60 g fiecare)
  • 3 linguri suc lămâie
  • 2 linguri coajă lămâie
  • 2 linguriţe extract vanilie

Gemul de fructe de pădure:

Crema diplomat:

  • 5 gălbenuşuri
  • 150 g zahăr tos
  • 250 ml lapte integral
  • 10 g gelatină
  • 1 linguriţă coajă de lamâie dată pe răzătoare
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 500 ml smântână pentru frişcă
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • o conservă de ananas (bucăţi) în compot

Crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana

  • 150 g albuşuri
  • 225 g zahăr
  • 225 g unt la temperatura camerei (tăiat în cuburi)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For decoration: aproximativ 1 kg fondant

Briose cu banane,portocala confiata si crema choco - Rețete

Mai sunt doar două săptămâni până la sărbătoarea de groază Halloween.
Anul trecut am preparat o serie de ciudatenii si grozavii, de fapt chestii faine: tiramisu, briose, profiterol, chec s.a. pe care le-am transformat in dulciuri de groaza si va invit sa le vizionati/preparati/ sau sa va scuipati in san, daca v-ati speriat . hi,hi -)))

Ah, inca ceva: primele sase preparate sunt facute cu produse Dr. Oetker(prafuri la cutie).

Stati linistti, nu m-am otravit, nu am murit si nici nu am omorat pe nimeni cu ele. Nici colesterol n-am, nici grasime in sange. Sunt putin anemica de cand ma stiu, dar jur ca ma tratez!!
De ce le-am facut? Pentru ca le-am castigat(cutiile Dr. Oetker) -)))

Pe lângă cele 10 rețete dulci, am adăugat și două rețete sărate: Minipizza de Halloween și Pizza Jack Skellington.

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Ce haioase sunt, cred ca s-a distrat Tudor de numnai.
Va pup si va doresc weekend placut.

Da' chiar daca arata asa, o bucata de tiramisu si o felie de chec as lua din prima. Restul asa, mai pe indelete, in fata unui film bun pe net :DD de Haloween!!

Si eu sunt anemica! Si ma tratez… (bleah!)
Mi-aduc aminte de discutia de la liliecii cu silicon in buze! Cate nopti n-a putut dormi Vlad de grija looor! Dar anul trecut m-a ales cu un tiramisu cu fantome marca "made by Vlad" si iti multumesc inca o data, bun a fost!

@Coco- doi paianjeni de la mine pt. tine. : *

@Micul-nu prea stia el anul trecut ce-s cu astea, dar ca orice copil, a vrut sa se joace cu ele -)))) te ppupam si noi :* :*

@Oana-chiar te rog sa te servesti -)

@Kadia-deci amandoua ne indopam cu fier si ficatei, huh? -) Daaa, am recitit si eu discutia cu Vlad de anul trecut, ca am uitat fata, deh, imbatranesc :P Eu va multumesc! : *

Bu hu hu. ne dati sau nu ne dati? :)))

ce haiosi sunt :)) daca le-ar vedea Edutu. )) Pupici

Foarte multa si frumoasa munca, eu as manca mai intai fantomele papanasi! Felicitari!

Or fi ele de groaza dar cred ca sunt tare gustoase.Pupici!

Anul asta fac fie paianjeni, fie fantome, in functie de ce gasesc aici de la Dr. Oetker :D Am si un plan personal (tot Dr. Oetker, tot pentru Halloween, dar ala e pe langa, il raportez ca-n Egiptul Antic, doar daca si iese :D).

@Antonina- daaa. si Tudor a vrut sa se joace cu ele :-)))))

@Marius- fantomele papanasi sunt pt. tine! : *

@Dia-au fost tare gustoase, sa stii, si o cutie de Dr.Oetker pe an chiar nu dauneaza grav sanatatii. -)

@Vladimir-hi,hi. daca nu gasesti, iti trimit eu, ca mai am vreo 3 cutii :P Tot ce-ti propui tu, iti iese, deci iesi pe interval -)

Sunt prea indrazneata daca spun ca asi gusta din toate. hihihi.
Pup si seara frumoasa!

@Medi-tu, indrazneata? Neahh! Io sunt cobaiul perfect, sunt in viata,iuhuuuu!(experiment reusit) deci cu drag te servesc din toate -)

ce idei traznite ! imi plac !

mai fetelor dragi,daca tot aveti moderarea comentariilor de ce ne infricosati cu cuvintele de control . tare mai sunt enervante.

Boo-hoo-hooooo! ce m-ai speriat! Îmi plac ideile tale!

@Pansy- traznite rau de tot, daa -) Am sa vorbesc cu inginerul it sa scoata cuvintele de control la cererea publicului drag noua. E bine asa? puup

@Maya-boo-hoo-hooo si tie! te pup ca sa-ti treaca :*

Uh! Si eu sunt pentru scoaterea cuvintelor de control - imi mananca zilele, mai ales cand scriu un comentariu monumental si plec de pe pagina inainte sa apara cuvantul ala…
Iar eu NU mananc ficatiei, da fier mi-au dat :( si B9 si B12…

@Kadia- s-a notat, luni va promit ca vor disparea!Eu mananc ficatei ca-mi plac si dupa ce-i tin in lapte o ora sunt atat de fragezi. si-n loc de B9 mananc rodie, ca io urasc pastilele, medicamentele, nu pot sa le retin, tb sa-mi notez cand cumpar, ca fac si io ca baba aia:"Aveti acid acetilsalicilic?"-"Adica aspirina, maica." "Asa, asa, ca tot uit!" -)))))

super toate.astept sa vad ce mesteriti anul acesta.pupici!!

@Sarah-multumim! inca ne gandim..-) pupici back

nu stiam de baba asta! Si a trebuit sa zic ceva sa vad daca a disparut cuvantul de tortura :)))))

@Kadia- inginerul it a fost plecat, maine il deranjez. Promit, am zis, fata, am zis!!



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