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Trout fillets with zucchini, tomatoes and kapia

Trout fillets with zucchini, tomatoes and kapia

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I admit that this is the first time I fillet a fish;) I did not have the curiosity, the need and the desire, because there are fish fillets at any time and fishery.

But, nah, now my curiosity pushed me, and especially the promise that I will try too: D Iuliana Toth is guilty: D aroused my curiosity to fillet and cook the fish in a different way. From what I saw in her pictures, it seemed, too simple, even worth trying.

So said and done. One day when the Kites were fed up, I grabbed the haystacks: D J)

Come back! The trout, cleaned and gutted, is cosmeticized, cutting the head and the fins with the help of kitchen scissors.

Then cut the split trout exactly on the spine with a threaded knife (thin and long), sliding the blade of the knife on the contour of the frame to the right and left, carefully, inside the fish. For I, out of inertia, did not deepen Iuliana's images and I threaded it on the outside, as I learned to bone the fish cooked and served at the restaurant;) that at home, live the little hand: D J)

Eee, so if I threaded it upside down: D there are a few bones left: D So I also used the kitchen tweezers for the first time, I stroked the threads up and down and extracted everything I could. (P.S. Zmeul Mijlociu, the most grumpy in the family, had nothing to object to: D, that is, he didn't find any bones;), at the tasting, so I passed the test with flying colors!).

The pieces of fish are salted and put to rest, cold for at least 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, clean the vegetables, slice, season with salt, pepper and olive oil, then cook on the hot grill for approx. 5 minutes on each side.

The trout fillets are placed on a heat-resistant surface, I used a wood chipper. Start the torch / food burner, the one you use for flambe cakes, and actually fry the fish on its entire surface, on both sides, until you get a well-fried crust on the outside and tender on the inside. I didn't time, because I was too excited about this process, I think about 15 minutes for each fish fillet!

After the fish is cooked, it honestly smelled so good, of roasted pork rind: D J)) by no means roasted fish, it sits on the plate together with the crispy vegetables cooked on the grill.

Increase, patience and good appetite!

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