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The color of passion

The color of passion

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top: separate the egg whites from the yolk, beat them with foam, add in the sugar rain and then a yolk, add the flour and finally the milk. The composition is divided into two and baked on average for ~ 30 min.

watermelon composition: melt the core and remove it into cubes, remove the seeds. Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the package then mix with wine, sugar, lemon juice and 200 ml of water. Boil for 1 min.

After the pond has cooled, place it in the tray and place the watermelon cobs on top and pour the previously cooled syrup. Refrigerate. When it hardens, garnish with whipped cream and tops ... if you also have some mint fruits, don't hesitate to put them on the cake,

Good appetite!

Wedding Cake: Beautiful tips and inspirations to help you choose

When you think of the magical wedding of the universe, where many dreams come to life soon comes to mind as the iconic wedding cake, and sweeten the party also part of the decor and serves as a background for the bride toast and the groom and for that photo with the godparents and godparents, which will be reviewed several times later.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wedding cake options, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, styles and flavors, which makes choosing the cake a delicate task. Do not despair, because to help you make the best possible way and to live this moment with the peace and pleasure it deserves, we have prepared some very delicious tips, let's say, precious for you.

5 traditional shaped cakes for weddings

this gastronomic universe with countless options, where the wedding cake can be round, square, built on several levels, in several layers, with whipped cream fondant, naked, among many others, we have selected some of the most traditional formats requested at weddings.

1. Two-tier cake

It is usually smaller cakes and therefore quite a lot of requests for a civil wedding celebration when it is held on a date other than the wedding ceremony.

2. Square cake

The square cake can have one, two or more floors and can convey an idea of ​​modernity, due to its lines and angles. When done on multiple floors, there is nothing to prevent each floor from getting its own decor

3. red and white cake

It is recommended that the shade of red, the color of passion, is chosen taking into account the other colors in the color palette decorating your wedding.

4. Cream cake

They can be decorated in a variety of ways, the cream cake is a delicate and delicious choice. 5.

Empty Cake Empty Cake combines beautifully with rustic wedding decorations performed in the field or on the beach and is a safe choice for anyone trying to convey the idea of ​​simplicity. There are several ways to decorate them, but the main ones are with flowers, giving a romantic note to the ceremony, and with fruits, which bring an air of freshness and tropicality.

With two floors, square, with whipped cream, empty, red and white. each one is so beautiful and so inspiring that I really want to choose one of each, right?

What to consider when choosing a cake?

To choose the perfect cake for the moment, it is important to consider several aspects of the wedding: what is the style of the groom and groom, how many guests, where and when will be the time to be served and whether there will be a meal of sweets and budget for the preparation of cakes.

With this information in hand, it will be easier to define the size of the size and some essential aspects of the cake. However, chef Bruna Vendrametto, a specialist in haute cuisine, emphasizes that "the most important thing is that the cake has the face of the groom and the groom".

How to choose the cake filling?

The tip for choosing the cake filling (and the dough itself) is to taste the more flavorings of the cake options you want, and assertively choose the flavor that suits you and the groom.

The most beloved fillings

Among the sea of ​​tastes we have at our disposal, it is easy to strike indecision, isn't it? The options for soft tastes are the main ones, but also very good aromas of brigadeiro and beijinho, combined with fruit, for example, are also very successful.

Chef Bruna Vendrametto reveals that the most requested flavors are the classic ones with white pasta, with the following fillings:

walnut filling: It is a very versatile option because it can be combined with many other fillers, such as brigade, for example.

Girlie Flange: Filling more, is an easy option for weddings during the day. Ab pineapple filling:

It is usually a very moist and cold filling on ice.Plum filling:

combined with dulce de leche or a sweet kiss, it is a delight. If you have doubts about flavors, you can choose to have a cake table at the party, where the groom and groom can choose a flavor for each cake.

The chef explains the calculation of the amount of cake is about 100 grams per guest, which is equivalent to about a slice of cake.

More wedding cakes to inspire

What does the color purple mean? Personality traits of people who prefer this color

Each color hides a series of meanings and each is specific to a certain type of personality. Discover, in the following, what the color purple means and what the preference for this color says about your personality.

Red, the color of passion »Gerrard, Carragher and Kenny Dalglish starred in a film about the 2005 League final

Article by Theodor Half - Posted on Sunday, 11 March 2012 00:00 / Updated on Saturday, 10 March 2012 20:26

The hero, an 11-year-old orphaned Liverpool fan, travels across Europe to fulfill his dream: to see the famous AC Milan final in Istanbul: 3-3 and 3-2 on penalties for the English.

"Passion is the element that gives us life. Without passion"I would vegetate," said George Byron, one of the best-known Romantic poets. Liverpool.

"God takes me to Istanbul?"
For Will, played by Perry Eggleton, Liverpool is his great love. He knows everything about the team, he deifies the captain Gerrard and he's wearing a red T-shirt with his name on it Carragher on the back, it has a wall full of photos and posters above the bed and faithfully reproduces the favorite players in the drawing. And when his father reappears in his life with two tickets to the Champions League final in Istanbul, the child is at the height of his joy. But the second parent also dies, and the boy seems resigned:

- I'm alone.
- You're not alone, Will. You always have God, a nun tells him.
"Can God take me to Istanbul?"

Tickets are fake
At that moment, Will decides: he runs away from the orphanage and embarks on a lonely adventure to Turkey, with his father's last money in his pocket, one hundred pounds.

After crossing the English Channel, he arrives in Paris, where all his money is stolen, but he meets Alek Zukici, a former Bosnian footballer at FC Sarajevo, who offers to take him to Istanbul. Many other adventures follow, and on the way all the British press discovers his story, calling him "Liverpool's number one fan". Will has another disappointment: his tickets to the final with Milan are fake. Alek buys a ticket on the black market for 10,000 euros. And one more?

Dalglish helps him
Then the little fan sees Kenny Dalglish the stadium:

- Hey, Will, is that you?
- Kenny Dalglish.

- You did it, it's wonderful!
"Well, I've come this far."

- What is the problem?
- We only have one ticket, but there are two.

"Then take my credentials and come in." We meet beyond the gate.

"Beyond the Gate," again with Dalglish.

- You know, you were my father's favorite player. She was at Stamford Bridge in 1986, when she defeated Chelsea and won the title.
- (Dalglish laughs). I remember your father. He was the loudest shouting fan.

"I knew you couldn't be stopped"
The current Liverpool manager leads Will to the tunnel where the players walk to the field. Carragher noticed, "Will, I knew you couldn't be stopped." When he reaches Gerrard, the captain shakes his hand. "I'm so glad you did it, my friend!" Will is impatient. He goes out on the field and Liverpool fans applaud him, then sing together You’ll never walk alone.

In that unimaginable match, Liverpool equalized from 0-3 in front of the strong Milan and won on penalties: 3-2. One of the most dramatic and beautiful finals of the League.

Shy Gerrard
For footballers, the lines from "Will" created big problems for them. Especially to Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain being very shy. "Because he couldn't be found, I said, 'Come on, man, think about where you are, in the face of the most important match of your career, it's not hard!'" But he replied, six years. It would be much easier for me to play football, "said American director Ellen Perry.

Pele opened the road to victory
Probably the best known movie about football, and in which great footballers played, was Victory. Cast in 1981 and directed by John Houston, "The Road to Victory" starred alongside Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone, the famous Pele, Bobby Moore, Paul van Himst, Osvaldo Ardiles and Kazimierz Deyna. In the film, the Allied prisoners play an important football match with the German "national team". And do they have a choice: victory or freedom?

"Steven Gerrard is a supernova. It moves like a tornado in flames. It turns in all directions and always looks at the ball. The ball is the Moon, and he is the Earth." (Will Brennan, the hero of the movie Will)

"This was my first and last role in a movie on the big screen. I managed both of them in a single attempt." (Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool's manager)

102 minutes lasts the film "Will", made in Great Britain in 2011

How to eat the fruit of passion

The passion fruit is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. Many people prefer to eat raw fruits, directly from the shell.

When choosing the passion fruit, look for one that feels strong, purple or yellow. A green fruit of passion is not ripe.

Wash the fruit well to remove any residue of pesticides and bacteria. With a sharp knife, cut the fruit in half. A serrated knife works well for cutting the peel.

Inside the passion fruit are small bags that are filled with orange juice and small, crunchy seeds. This mixture of juice is known as pulp.

the pulp of the fruit of passion

The seeds are edible, so you can eat them together with the pulp and juice.

The white area that separates the peel from the pulp is also edible, but most people do not eat it because it is very bitter.

Some of the most popular ways to use passion fruit include:

  • Drinks. It can be squeezed through a sieve to obtain juice, which can be added to cocktails.
  • Desserts. It is often used as a topping or flavoring for cakes and desserts, such as cheesecake or mousse.
  • On salads. It can be used to add a crunchy texture and a sweet flavor to salads.
  • In yogurts. Mix with natural yogurt to make a delicious snack.

What other vitamin-rich exotic fruits can you eat

The fruit of passion: healthy recipes

Pavlova with mascarpone and passion fruit

Pavlova cake needs no introduction. A distinguished cake, but at the same time as light as a spring day.

But how about a delicious combination of mascarpone with the fruit of passion, which is prepared in two steps and three movements?

For Pavlova with mascarpone and passion fruit you need:

  • 170 grams of powdered sugar
  • 150 grams of mascarpone
  • 50 ml of pulp from about 4-5 fruits
  • two eggs, which you separate
  • 30 ml lime juice
  • the juice of an orange
  • 50 grams of unsalted butter at room temperature.

To decorate the cake you need two more fruits.

Preheat the oven to 120 degrees Celsius.

The yolks, together with the lime and orange juice, diced butter, 40 g of powdered sugar and the passion fruit juice are put in a saucepan over low heat.

Stir in the composition for 10 minutes, until it thickens.

Take the composition off the stove and let it cool.

Then beat the egg whites with a mixer until they foam.

Add the remaining 130 grams of powdered sugar over the egg whites and mix until you get a strong, glossy and dense meringue.

Line a large, wide-diameter tray with baking paper and place 4 piles of the resulting composition.

Don't forget to dig in the middle of each pile.

Put the tray in the oven for about 50 minutes, so that the meringue becomes crispy at the bottom.

Then turn off the oven and leave the tray inside to prevent the meringue from cracking.

In the meantime, you can mix the yolks with the mascarpone. After they are homogenized, leave them in the fridge for an hour, an hour and a half.

After this interval is over, take the meringues out of the oven, put the mascarpone cream on top and garnish with passion fruit juice.

Cheesecake with passion fruit and honey

Everyone loves cheesecake because it is extremely versatile and goes well with many jelly combinations.

For a cheesecake with passion fruit and honey you need:

  • an envelope of gelatin sheets
  • a mango fruit
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar
  • 250 grams of mascarpone cream
  • 4 pieces of passion fruit
  • a small box of 200 ml liquid cream
  • 200 ml fruit compote
  • a bag of champagne cookies.

Cut the four pieces of passion fruit and gently remove the pulp.

Put the gelatin in a bowl of cold water to be well hydrated.

Put the pulp of the fruit in a sieve and press it lightly with a spoon until only the seeds remain in the sieve.

Pass the fruit puree and the peeled mango fruit together in a saucepan over low heat.

After they have boiled a little, pass them with the blender, add the 2 tablespoons of caster sugar, put it back on the fire and mix gently. Thus, the composition will coagulate quickly.

Take the pan off the heat, squeeze the gelatin and add it to the puree bowl. Mix well and set everything aside.

Take the ring of a cake form and place it on a large, round plate. Put the slightly soaked biscuits in the compote.

Stir in the liquid cream until it hardens, add the mascarpone cream, honey and a little over half of the fruit puree.

Place the resulting cream over the biscuits soaked in the compote and refrigerate for half an hour.

After half an hour, take the cheescake out of the fridge and pour the remaining puree over it.

Leave it in the fridge for a few hours, then take out the cheesecake and garnish it with a few strawberries or edible flowers.

Unusual fruit salad

What is the best, healthiest and most refreshing dessert? Fruit Salad!

And a recipe that also contains the fruit of passion is not to be missed.

For a unique salad you need:

  • 3 pieces passion fruit
  • 2 mango fruits
  • 2 papaya fruits
  • 4-5 well ripened strawberries
  • cream, optional.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Try not to cut the seeds, they are bitter and can spoil the taste of the salad.

Slice each fruit as you wish, place in layers, add a little cream and voila! That's all.

We hope you try the recipes proposed by us and you like the result!

For more cooking ideas, visit the recipes section.

GrădinaMax specialists are waiting for you, if you need more advice about the fruits that you can use in your delicious desserts.

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