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Radautean soup

Radautean soup

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I boiled half the chicken (because the chicken was commercially available, I also added a little chicken fat that I had in the freezer).

After frothing, I added the carrot and onion cut into larger pieces and let it boil for about 30 minutes, or until the meat comes off the bones slightly.

I took out the meat and vegetables separately. I broke the meat into strips, and the carrot slices.

I strained the juice twice. In the strained juice I added the meat and the carrot, and when it started to boil I put the vinegar from a jar of donuts in vinegar and let it boil for 5 minutes. I started the small fire and put the sauce made of 5 cloves of garlic, salt and water. I prepared a mayonnaise of 4 egg yolks and 400 g of cream, then I took the polish from the juice and added it to the cream mixture, until it reaches the temperature of the soup. I immediately added the sour cream to the soup and mixed well. I turned off the heat and added fresh, finely chopped parsley.

I served it with homemade bread and hot peppers. You can also add cream ... but this has not been the case with us.

Good appetite!

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