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Trap cake

Trap cake

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Peel an onion and slice it. We also cut the pepper and the donut into rounds, and the tomatoes into thin slices. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of them and set aside.

In a bowl, mix the flour with the beer and the oil, knead and spread with a rolling pin on the table. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough on it and place it in the tray.

On top of the dough spread in the tray we place the chopped vegetables and drained of the juice they left.

Pour a little olive oil over the vegetables and bake for 20-30 minutes.

Let cool and serve. Who does not have patience can serve hot coca: d

The "Coca de trampo" recipe is a simple fasting recipe that is made very quickly and is very good.

Whether or not it is the original recipe, to be honest I do not know. I know it's excellent!

Good appetite !

Ingredients (2 people)

  • 1 pinch of thyme
  • olive oil
  • Sel
  • Pepper

Coca de Trampó & # 8211 ein herzhaftes Stück Mallorca vom Blech!

Liebe geht durch den Magen, sagt man… Stimmt! So wurzelt meine Liebe zu Mallorca zu einem großen Teil auch in der traditionellen mallorquinischen Küche, die mich vom ersten Tag an begeistert und für die Insel eingenommen hat!

Besonders angetan hat es mir dabei die „Coca de Trampó“ - ein simpler, aber überaus schmackhafter Gemüsekuchen vom Blech. Die von manchen auch gern augenzwinkernd „Pizza Mallorcas“ genannte Köstlichkeit gibt es in unzähligen Varianten: Mal ganz klassisch mit einer Mischung aus Zwiebeln und Paprika belegt, mal mit Spinat, Sardinen oder Sobrasada! Ich jedenfalls kaufe mir immer, wenn ich zurück auf der Insel bin, als Erstes in einer Panaderia ein Stück Coca de Trampó! Spätestens nach dem ersten Bissen bin ich wieder angekommen…

Zurück in Hamburg, muss ich dann leider in den sauren Apfel beißen und mir meine heiß geliebte Coca selber backen, denn bisher habe ich sie bei uns noch in keiner Bäckerei entdecken können.

Aber egal, eine Coca de Trampó zu backen ist wirklich ein Kinderspiel - selbst für einen ausgewiesenen Backmuffel wie mich. Und wer nun Appetit und Lust auf eine mallorquinische Pizza - übrigens ganz ohne Käse!- bekommen hat, dem verrate ich hier und jetzt mein ganz persönliches Rezept! And then: Come on! Los geht’s…

Ihr braucht (einen Backofen, hahaha!) Folgende Zutaten:

4 Tomatoes
2 Zwiebeln
2 Paprika (green, red or yellow - equal)
2 Knoblauchzehen
1 Olive oil tax
1 EL Paprikapulver edelsüß
Salz und weißen Pfeffer


400 g Weizenmehl
20 g Fresh
1 Ei
Asse Olivenöl tax
50 g Schweineschmalz

Zubereitung: Zuerst in einer großen Schüssel die klein gebröselte Hefe mit etwas lauwarmem Wasser auflösen. Dann das Ei, Olivenöl und weiches Schmalz dazugeben und alles mit den Händen (!) Gut verrühren. Jetzt nach und nach das Mehl dazu geben und dabei immer alles schön mit den Händen verkneten, bis ein kompakter Teig entsteht. Diesen mit einem Geschirrtuch abdecken und für zirka 20 Minuten an einen warmen Ort stellen, damit der Teig gehen kann.

In der Zwischenzeit das Gemüse hitzereiten: Die Zwiebeln schälen und in kleine Würfel schneiden. Die Tomaten waschen und fein würfeln. Knoblauchzehen pellen und kleinhacken. Die Paprika waschen, längs halbieren, von Stilansatz, Samen und Scheidewänden befreien und würfeln. Alles zusammen mit Salz, Pfeffer und Paprikapulver in eine Schüssel geben, das Olivenöl darübergießen und das Ganze anschließend gut vermengen.

Das Backblech gut einfetten (ich nehme dafür auch Olivenöl!). Nun den Teig auf dem Blech ausrollen und die Gemüse-Zwiebel-Knoblauch-Mischung gleichmäßig darauf verteilen.

Die Coca can be used in any temperature of up to 200 ° C (20 days). F e r t i g!

Der saftig-leckere Gemüsekuchen schmeckt warm oder kalt. Dazu passt am besten ein trockener mallorquinischer Rotwein!

So, Ihr Lieben, jetzt wünsche ich Euch einen guten Appetit– lasst es Euch schmecken!


Preheat the oven to 225ºC. Then in a bowl put all the liquids, salt, butter and butter. The latter must be at room temperature so that they can work.

Incorporate the crumbled yeast, sugar and finally the strength flour. Mix everything with your hands until you get an elastic dough and somewhat sticky but separate from the bowl. If necessary, add more flour than indicated, although always slowly.

Let the dough rest for a few minutes and meanwhile cut the tomatoes, peppers and onions as small as you can. Then put them in a bowl and season with olive oil and salt. Mix and reserve.

Put olive oil in your hands and take the dough that we will put on the baking tray. We stretch it with our hands and let it be at least a finger thick. Then we distribute the vegetables on top. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 190-200ºC with heat up and down.

Coca de Trempó recipe

Karlos Arguiñano shows how to prepare the recipe for coca de Trempó, a traditional Mallorcan dish.

He He soaked is a salad of onion, green pepper and tomato typical of Mallorca, in which the vegetables are finely chopped. It is usually served on a bread base called dough, whose dough is made with flour, oil, salt, yeast and water and then baked.



It's getting cold and I couldn't resist trying it, very good. Thank you very much, a greeting from Filandia!

From Finland, what an illusion. Take advantage! A hug,

hello I'm making your cake with some modification of the vegetables (I put eggplant) I'll tell you how it goes and when I put it on the blog I'll name you :) I didn't know your blog, thank you very much

Dear sea innovate this well but do not spoil the traditional recipes a greeting

The only spoiled thing here is you.

Here from NEW ZEALAND !! The olive oil OLI from mallorca do we don't have it hahahaha! But following your instructions with great enthusiasm. Thank you for taking the time to hang the recipe. Let's see what comes out!

What an illusion it makes me. You'll tell me it's coming out. If you do not have olive oil, you can use a neutral flavor and you will also be rich .. A big hug.

and the measurements are for 50 cm tray? for how many people, tray size?

Hello! Sorry for the delay in answering, I was a few days away. I use the normal oven tray, about 45 cm long. It gives for a finite dough ... so it is crispier. A hug.

I just made the coca trap with your recipe. I came out very rich and I almost finished the tray.
Molt Gracis from Palma de Mallorca (I'm from Ivory Coast)

Thank you very much, what a joy. Take advantage ..

Hoollaaaa. here, from Cantabria and I have my boy doing the volcano, hehehe. I'll tell you.

Thanks for sharing this recipe! It's in the oven and it smells great! Greetings! Emilie

What a good look. if you are replacing the butter we could say that this is quite LIGHT right?


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Mallorcan cheating cake

Summer is approaching. I know it's not a very original phrase, but for me it means a lot. It means that I return home, to my house, not to the apartment I rent during the winter to study in Barcelona. My Menorcan house, with my family. And arriving at these dates I already smell the sea, but also home cooking.

In summer, recipes like the one I bring you today stand out. Recipes for casual outdoor dining. Recipes that are prepared during the village festivities. Recipes that you prepare when a friend gives you three boxes full of vegetables from his garden and you don't know what to do with them.

Cheat coca is one of these recipes. For those who are the first to see it, it is a flat and crunchy dough, covered with different vegetables that are placed cut and raw on the dough and cooked in the oven. This makes the dough take the juice released by the vegetables when cooked and is very tasty.

Although it is a doughy preparation, it has nothing to do with a pizza, it is much lighter and not too full. The dough is prepared in a moment, and apart from that all you have to do is cut the vegetables. Here you see them cut very small, but you can leave them with the size you want.

It's a very easy dish and it turned out, so I hope you are encouraged to try it. Let's go with the recipe.


It's been almost a year since I discovered this Mallorcan coca at Begoña's house. Of that meal I only keep good memories and great recipes that I brought to Santander, among them, this cake that Juana made and that I fell in love with from the first bite.

The original recipe is by Yolanda García, & # 8220Yolanda Pincholos Cooking & # 8221. She takes a cup as her measure. I am more than a measure of weight, so I have adapted the recipe for the dough to grams and I have added a little more butter so that the puff pastry is a little more noticeable.

I give you a summary of data that I think are important for your Mallorcan coca to be a success:
-The beer has to be at room temperature.
-We will take the butter out of the fridge well in advance so that it is ready to be ointed (soft)
-Vegetables can be chopped in the Thermomix 3s-Vel.4 but I like much more to cut it by hand, with the machine you run the risk of shredding the vegetables too much.
-We can put the cake in a can or mold, as you see in the photo, or directly stretch the dough on baking paper and then put it on the baking tray. In this way it is more rustic and homely.
-Use your best extra virgin olive oil. To serve the cake, you can sprinkle it on the surface.

This coca is ideal for casual drinking with friends. I especially like it because within this type of coca, empanadas and pizzas, this base is very light and the ingredients of the trap are still vegetables, so it is the least bad option, if you are aware of the diet.



To make the dough.
& # 8226 300 g wheat flour
& # 8226 50 g olive oil
& # 8226 50 g lard
& # 8226 A pinch of salt
& # 8226 100 g beer

To paint the mass:
& # 8226 2 tablespoons olive oil
& # 8226 Half a teaspoon of paprika
& # 8226 A pinch of salt
& # 8226 Black pepper

For the filling, the trap:
& # 8226 3 large Italian green peppers
& # 8226 6 beautiful pear tomatoes
& # 8226 1 large onion
& # 8226 Olive oil
& # 8226 Sal
& # 8226 Paprika

This is how I do it:

To make the dough:

Traditional method:
-Put the beer together with the butter and oil in a large bowl.
-Dissolve the butter with your fingers.
-Add the salt and little by little the flour.
-Mix with your hands and when the flour has absorbed the liquids, transfer the dough to the work surface and knead it to form an elastic dough.
-We make a ball.
-Wheat the oven to 200ºC.

With Thermomix
-Put the oil, beer and butter in the glass of the Thermomix. We program 30s-T.37ºC-Vel.2.
-Add salt and flour. We program 20s-Vel.6
-We make a ball.
-Wheat the oven to 200ºC.

We form the cake.

-Paint the tray with olive oil.
-We stretch the dough on the worktop with the help of a roller.
-We transfer the stretched dough to the tray where we are going to bake the coca.
-Cut the leftover and form the edges.
-In a small bowl put 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of salt, paprika and pepper. Mix well and with the help of a kitchen brush, brush the surface of the cake.
-Punch the dough several times with a fork.
-Bake on the rack in the lower part of the oven for 12 minutes.
-Meanwhile, we prepare the vegetables.

The vegetables.

-Wash and dry the tomatoes and peppers and peel the onion.
-Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds. We divide the vegetables into equal pieces and put them in a beautiful bowl.
-Once we have cut the vegetables, add a little salt, pepper, half a teaspoon of paprika and a generous drizzle of olive oil.
- Stir well.

We bake:

-After 12 minutes, we take the cake out of the oven.
-With our hands, drain the vegetables well to prevent the coca from getting wet with the liquid released by the tomato and place it evenly on the dough that we have semi-baked.
-Once the vegetables are placed on the cake, we put the tray back in the oven.
-Low the temperature to 180ºC and bake, on the grill, 15 minutes in the lower part and another 12 in the middle part.
-Take it out of the oven and let it cool.
-We serve our coca, warm or at room temperature.

I just had to check this because I couldn't believe no one else had. I'll be honest and say I looked at most of the ingredients and added them to taste, but every batch I made has been downright excellent! I agree that nothing else tastes good and this one hits the nail on the head. It has become a staple in our home.

Just what I was looking for. It had all the ingredients on hand and was easy to make. I followed the recipe exactly, I didn't add crushed pineapple to the sauce as it was optional. Even my most picky diner liked it.

One of the best bittersweet recipes I've ever made.

This is really good. Delicious pineapple flavor. 3 stars, as I modified a little, fresh garlic, and reduced it to bittersweet chicken with peppers and pineapple.

The sauce is amazing! I added green pepper and used white vinegar.

I didn't make any changes. This recipe is delicious! I also made this recipe last year, but I'm finally reviewing it. DELICIOUS.

Great sauce, I added ginger, cut the white sugar in half and added brown sugar, I used a third of LCA and replaced the rest with distillate, a drop of lime juice I used pieces of pineapple, a little bell pepper and chives, because I used this sauce for Sweet n Sour MeatBalls. It was amazing-)

Really good. I added a little butter to give it a richer flavor. The whole family approved. Guardian!

I'm not exactly the best at measuring things, but still the combination of ingredients makes a beautiful sauce. It's simmering to perfection right now and I'm pretty happy. The only real change I made was that instead of crushed pineapple I bought real pineapple and mixed it with water. Thank you!

ripe tomatoes (peeled and minced) 2 lbs.
green bell pepper (seeded and finely chopped) 1
small white onion (peeled and finely sliced) 1
extra virgin olive oil 6 tbsp.
leap 1 tsp.

The cuisine of the Balearic Islands is typically the Mediterranean. A traditional and popular summer dish in one of the islands is Coca de Trempó. It is a special type of flatbread which is topped with a vegetable salad similar to a pizza. Olive oil and tomatoes are two of its main ingredients.

Camp de trampo - Recipes

First we will prepare the Trampó, we will cut all the vegetables, we will line with oil, salt, peppers and pepper. Let macerate for at least 20 min.

While the vegetables are being macerated. We will create the dough. With the help of a bowl, add all the elements of the dough and knead, gradually adding the flour until the dough sticks to our fingers. (Remember to melt the butter)

The authentic recipe has lard, we can change the butter for butter.

We heat the oven to 180 °, heat position from below.

In the same tray of the oven we will spread butter or oil so that the dough does not stick.

We will stretch the dough by hand over the entire surface of the tray, we will leave a thin dough.

We add the vegetables throughout the dough, we will look at the edges so that they do not run out of vegetables.

We will put it in the oven at 180 °, in a position of heat from below and leave it for about 30 minutes (put a wooden spatula underneath when the cake rises whole is that the dough is already) and 15 min more heat above and below (taking care not to burn the vegetables and dough). I place the tray in the middle of the oven.

Video: Hololive Pekora Trap House Compilation (July 2022).


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